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Eccov E-Tricycle, the world's first modular cargo e-bike utilizing automotive body production technology

  • Eccov E-Tricycle, the world's first modular cargo e-bike utilizing automotive body production technology

    Eccov E-Tricycle, the world's first modular cargo e-bike utilizing automotive body production technology

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ANYANG, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Eccov Inc., an e-bike developer in Korea, will officially launch its modular cargo e-bike, E-Tricycle at EUROBIKE 2022.

The Eccov E-Tricycle is becoming one of the most common components used for food or small package delivery coinciding with the rapid growth of remote or distanced services in this era of COVID-19.

Whether you are considering a delivery as a full-time job or a part-time job, E-Tricycle is the answer as it is convenient, fuel-efficient, multi-purpose, and eco-friendly. Eccov has become a pioneer of ?micro mobility,’ which encompasses various businesses ranging from electric bicycles, electric two-wheeled vehicles, and ultra-small electric vehicle body structures, with its flagship item Eccov modular platform architecture (EMPA) utilizing automotive body production technology.

Eccov is a startup which began as Hyundai Motor Group’s in-house venture and became independent in 2019. Eccov has received high praise for its high level of technical development, including the issuance of more than 30 patents through continuous R&D. It also received recognition for presenting E-Tricycle, the world's first modular three-wheeled bicycle platform utilizing automotive body production technology, at IFA 2020. Eccov is conducting demonstration tests in conjunction with Korean major courier companies in terminal delivery areas that vehicles cannot access.

Unlike existing electric bicycles, E-Tricycle boasts the following two unique features.

First, the modularized platform enables customization according to customer needs, and modules can be easily removed and replaced for repair. The REAR platform, which can be easily detached, consists of various types of modules such as passenger seats for use in tourist destinations, cargo wagons for use in a factory, and even advertisement-ready displays, allowing customers to choose and order modules tailored to their purpose and budget. The modular E-Tricycle reduces the cost and inconvenience caused by repairs. By removing only the faulty modules and replacing them with spare modules, it will be returned to use immediately.

Second, the E-Tricycle is highly durable through its implementation of automotive body technology. Eccov has applied automobile manufacturing stamping to E-Tricycle parts manufacturing based on high-level automobile body development technology from Hyundai Motor Company. This has resulted in excellent rigidity and durability and it has secured mass production and a reasonable price.

Eccov plans to introduce the E-Tricycle at EUROBIKE 2022, the world's largest bicycle fair to be held in Frankfurt in July. It is expected to open a new chapter in last-mile logistics in the global market by participating in the 2022 Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Smart City Strategic Export Consortium as well.

Eccov's CEO Sundae Lim has revealed his ambitions for overseas expansion as follows. “We have a short-term master plan to establish a local production base within two years. In addition, we plan to include IT services in our business areas, such as developing our own applications through collaboration with companies specializing in IT solutions. We envision it as a freight electric bicycle sharing service in Europe.”


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