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Solid-State Batteries represent next generation automation of electricity storage, a market in line for significant growth. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 147.8% from 2021 to 2028.

Rising demand for solid-state batteries among end-use sectors along with the rising research and development activities are focused on commercializing the battery. Lower costs for solid state batteries are expected to propel market growth.

EVs represent a primary market. The electrical solid state battery energy industry will reshape the future. The integrated business model of storage is becoming an application for energy consumption. Amid a greater industry focus on battery technology, automakers with EVs in their lineups are scrambling to position themselves for the arrival of solid-state battery cells soon.

As EV sales increase driven by tighter regulation of carbon emissions, solid-state battery makers become indispensable for the renewable energy industry. Solid-state battery products account for a small proportion in the market early on until mass production can be realized. Toyota has a timeline to achieve mass production of solid-state electric vehicle batteries by 2025.

ProLogium said it aims to achieve mass produce solid-state batteries in 2022. With war between Russia and the Ukraine, US President Biden, intent on stopping Putin's aggression, sees that the best way to reduce the price of oil is to shift to renewable energy. Transforming the economy to run electric vehicles, powered by solid state batteries, means that, no one has to worry about gas prices.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary

1. Hybrid Solid-State Battery Technology Market Definition and Market Dynamics

1.1 EVs with Hybrid Solid State Battery Chemistries

1.2 Batteries with Solid-State Electrolytes Inherently Safer

1.2.1 Hybrid Solid-State Battery Is a Cell Without Any Liquid or Gel Electrolytes

1.3 Ionic Materials Liquid Crystal Polymer

1.4 Johnson Battery Technologies

1.4.1 Molten Salt

1.5 MIT Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique

1.6 Electric Vehicles to Use Solid-State Batteries

2. Solid State Battery Market Shares and Forecasts

2.1 Solid-State Battery Market Driving Forces

2.1.1 Advantages of Solid-State Batteries for EV

2.1.2 Disadvantages of Lithium-ion Batteries

2.2 Solid State Battery Market Shares

2.3 Solid State Battery Market Forecasts

2.4 EV Solid State Battery Market Segments

2.4.1 Global EV Solid State Battery Market

2.5 Solid State Battery Regional Analysis

3. EV Solid State Battery Product Developments

3.1 Companies Embrace Renewable Energy

3.1.1 Anheuser-Busch

3.2 New 4680 Tesla Batteries Vs. Solid-State Batteries

3.3 Ship Filled with Porsches and Bentleys Has Lithium Batteries Catch Fire

3.3.1 Ship Fire

3.4 Using Light with Batteries

4. Solid State Battery Research and Technology

4.1 Silicon Battery Technology

4.1.1 Silicon Nanowire

4.2 Samsung Develops Solid-State Cell with Silver/LG Researchers Eliminate Carbon and Binders from The Anode

4.3 Amprius Silicon Nanowire Batteries

4.4 ProLogium Core Technologies Ceramic SSBs

4.5 Bollore Group

4.6 Materials for Use as Solid Electrolytes

4.7 Solid Power Solid State Battery Technology

4.8 Japan's Tohoku University Hydride Lithium Superionic Conductor

4.8.1 Complex Hydrides

4.9 Amprius Technologies Stores Lithium in Tiny Silicon Nanowires

4.10 BMW Lithium Metal Battery

4.11 QuantumScape Solid State Battery

4.12 Comparing Separator Materials

5. Solid State Battery Company, University, and Government Agency Profiles

5.1 24M

5.2 Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL)

5.2.1 CATL Initial Public Offering in Shenzhen

5.3 Amprius

5.3.1 Amprius Technologies Corporate Headquarters in Fremont, California

5.4 BASF

5.5 Bettergy

5.6 BOAO Navigator Battery Holding

5.6.1 BOAO/Mullen Automotive

5.7 Bollore

5.7.1 Bollore Group Revenue

5.7.2 Bollore BlueCar

5.7.3 Autolib Blue Solutions

5.7.4 Blue Solutions Solid State Battery Development

5.7.5 Bollore Solid State Battery Production Capacity

5.7.6 Autolib Red Car Solutions

5.7.7 Bollore Energy Storage Ringo Project by RTE

5.8 BYD

5.9 CM-EV

5.9.1 Nissan CMF-EV

5.10 Enevate

5.10.1 Enevate Silicon-Dominant Battery Technology

5.10.2 EV Battery Equivalent of a Gas Tank. In Addition, It Provides the Vehicle Powertrain

5.10.3 Replace Fossil Fuel Cars with EVs

5.10.4 Extreme Fast Charging Technology

5.10.5 Enevate Manufacturing Capacity

5.11 Enovate

5.12 Factorial Energy

5.12.1 Factorial's new Solid-State EV Battery

5.13 Ilika

5.14 Ioniq

5.15 Jiawei

5.16 Johnson Battery Technologies

5.17 LG

5.17.1 LG Energy

5.17.2 LG/Hundai Battery Manufacturing Capacity

5.17.3 General Motors Collaborating with LG Energy Solution on Solid State Batteries

5.17.4 LG/General Motors Battery Manufacturing Capacity

5.18 Lishen

5.18.1 Lishen Solid State Battery Win-Screw Extrusion Method

5.18.2 Lishen Battery Manufacturing Annual Production Capacity

5.18.3 Apple, Samsung Electronics, Geely, Hyundai Motor/Lishen Annual Production Capacity

5.19 Mobis Energy

5.20 Northvolt

5.20.1 Northvolt/Cuberg

5.21 ProLogium

5.21.1 ProLogium and Mercedes-Benz Technology Cooperation Agreement to Develop Solid-State Battery Cells for Electric Vehicles

5.21.2 ProLogium and Mercedes-Benz Agreed on Milestones

5.21.3 Softbank Backs ProLogium

5.21.4 ProLogium Major Product Pipelines

5.21.5 ProLogium Production Capacity Able to Meet Their Demand for SolidState Batteries165

5.21.6 ProLogium/Mercedes-Benz

5.22 QuantumScape

5.22.1 QuantumScape/Apple

5.22.2 Volkswagen Group

5.22.3 Volkswagen Group/QuantumScape

5.23 Riverstone Holdings' Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation III

5.24 Samsung SDI

5.25 Schneider Electric

5.25.1 Schneider Electric Positions to Implement Electrification of Society At Large

5.26 SK Innovation

5.27 Sila Nanotechnologies and Enevate

5.28 Sion Power

5.28.1 Sion Power Chemically Stable Ceramic Barriers

5.29 Solid Power

5.29.1 Solid Power/BMW

5.29.2 Solid Power/Ford

5.30 Sony

5.31 Tesla

5.31.1 Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair, Canada Research Chair, Dalhousie University

5.31.2 Tesla/Toyota/Nissan/Honda/Panasonic

5.32 Toyota

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