VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Canada Drives, Canada’s largest 100% online car shopping and to-your-door delivery platform, announced today the launch of its “Sell My Car” feature. Available in British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta, Canadians can receive a guaranteed quote online and then are given the option to sell their current vehicle directly to Canada Drives. As soon as the next day, their vehicle can be picked up and money transferred to their account.

Historically, Canadians would be limited online to receiving a price range for trading in their vehicle and had no ability to sell the vehicle directly to a dealership without lengthy in-person visits. Through the new feature, customers are given a quote within two minutes and can decide to either sell their vehicle and receive the money via direct deposit, or trade it in for a new one. Canada Drives will also take care of paying off any existing loans on the customer’s current vehicle. On average, selling a car privately takes more than four weeks; now with Canada Drives, the whole process can take as little as 48 hours.

“We’ve fundamentally changed how Canadians approach car shopping, making it easier than ever to purchase a vehicle entirely online and have it delivered to their front door. Our mission has always been to be the easiest way to buy or sell a car in Canada and giving Canadians the ability to sell their vehicle 100% online is a huge leap forward in the market,” said Cody Green, Founder and Co-CEO of Canada Drives. “We’ve built the trust of thousands of Canadians by delivering a stress-free and streamlined end-to-end experience purchasing vehicles, and now we’re doing the same for customers selling or trading in their vehicles.”

Using the vehicle's location, condition, and local retail prices, Canada Drives determines the fair value of the vehicle in two minutes and provides an offer that is valid for seven days. When the customer chooses to sell the vehicle, Canada Drives will arrange a day and time to pick up the vehicle directly from their home. Canada Drives will then pay the customer via direct deposit.

If a customer wants to trade in a vehicle, they have access to Canada Drives’ inventory of thousands of certified vehicles. The value of the trade-in will be deducted from the total cost of the new car and Canada Drives will pick up the trade-in when the new car is delivered.

Selling privately can be risky, especially while making transactions with strangers. Canada Drives eliminates those concerns and sends an employee to the customer's home to pick up the vehicle.

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About Canada Drives
Canada Drives is the largest 100% online car shopping and to-your-door delivery platform available in Canada. Customers can shop for certified used vehicles, pay in full or finance, sign all documents, and have their vehicle delivered to their doorstep as quickly as the same day. Through Canada Drives, purchasing a vehicle online saves Canadians time and money and reduces the stress and pressure often associated with car shopping. Canadians can also sell their vehicle to Canada Drives at a fair price and have the vehicle picked up as soon as the next day. Canada Drives has made it possible to buy, sell, or trade a vehicle with confidence, convenience, and ease.


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