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The Fuel Of The Future Has Been Here Since The Beginning...

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By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Did you know...

• An ethanol blend powered the first internal combustion engine; it powered Nicholas Otto's first automobile; it powered Henry Ford's first vehicle, and that the GM scientists who invented leaded petrol considered ethanol the Fuel of the Future.

• For decades the oil industry's largest oil and petrol producers marketed ethanol-gasoline blends in Great Britain as being superior in every way to gasoline without ethanol.

• All engine problems blamed on ethanol are actually caused by gasoline. Debris build-up and "gumming" is caused by gasoline's inefficient burning.

• 100% ethanol (distilled spirits) never expires, whereas gasoline begins to degrade in about 30 days.

• Phase separation is caused by gasoline's inability to absorb water that forms because of condensation? Ethanol helps to remove water that forms in a fuel system.

• Mercury Marine, the world's largest manufacturer of marine engines says that E10 ethanol-gasoline blends are better for boat motors than gasoline without ethanol? Mercury Marine testing confirms that ethanol has NO ability to suck water out of the air.

• The very same automobiles and boats available in North America, Europe and Asia are also available in Brazil, where their standard fuel is E27 (27% ethanol).

• Ethanol is compatible with more engine and fuel system parts and materials than gasoline and the aromatics that are used in place of ethanol.

• Ethanol-gasoline blends add power to your engines; it keeps engines clean, that it's less expensive, and healthier than using gasoline without ethanol.

• The aromatics (benzene, toluene, and xylene) used to replace ethanol are all deadly poisons.

• The best way to deter fuel line freeze in cold weather is to add ethanol to gasoline.

• Ethanol-gasoline blends and non-ethanol gasoline can be interchanged at random without any engine adjustment.

• America can produce as much ethanol fuel as we'll ever need right in our own country.

Ethanol Should Be Fueling America's Energy Independent Future