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Are Purposeful High Gas Prices the Tool of Misguided Politicians to Force Drivers to buy Electric Vehicles?


Editor's Note: Hey Gordon you dumb ass look how successful Tesla is...hey shit head, a Tesla just happens to run on batteries but it is a Tesla not a broad stroke EV...I venture to say that if a Tesla could run on piss it would be as popular as it is now if not more so...I'm getting ready to visit going-out-of-business garage sales of lemming-like Tesla wannabee car manufacturers who invested $ billions of other people's money to try and catch the Tesla magic, there is and will be only one Tesla.

New York March 12, 2022; A CBS report put a spotlight on a growing conspiracy theory that our government is not at all unhappy about high gas prices if the result is the selling in of electric vehicles.

The claims about electric vehicles echo the core themes at the center of several conspiracy theories peddled at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of coins during the pandemic was a plot to push Americans into a cashless society that would be easier for the federal government to control.

The electric vehicle appears to be the latest reiteration of those conspiracy theories.

Some social media posts have suggested that the government wants to push people to use electric vehicles so they can shut down a driver's car at will. (or prevent them from going where they want to go)

"I don't know who needs to hear this, but high gas prices will push more people to electric cars that can be frozen just like your bank account," one false post circulating across social media platforms claims.(Report you stupid pig...If I want your opinion I will seek it out)

Contrary to that assertion, electric vehicles work similarly to gas-powered ones (they don't they can be programmed by the internet) the government cannot shut down individual vehicles at will (YES IT CAN you dumb shit research before you write). With electric cars, drivers can use public or at-home, private charging stations to recharge. In fact, 80% of electric vehicle charging is done from a driver's home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Why? ...only upper class Americans with attached garages are the ones taking advantage of tax benefits of buying an electric car...SEE The Inequity Of Electric Vehicles

Woe unto us ...stupid people in charge are ruining our country forever...fuck them.

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Notice when gas started rising... the day after Biden was inaugurated.