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Greg Gutfeld Presents Idiotic, Completely Wrong Attack on Ethanol +VIDEO

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Filled with so much misinformation was it meant to be a joke?

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Marc Rauch
Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Greg Gutfeld, is a comedian, political commentator, and author. He hosts a daily late-night television show called "Gutfeld!" on the Fox News Network - the only cable news network that actually has a significant audience. The show, which features humorous political and social commentary, often beats broadcast television late-night shows such as Jimmy Kimmel, The Tonight Show, and Stephen Colbert's show. This is a rather incredible feat considering that "Gutfeld!" is a cable show.

My wife and I watch "Gutfeld!" regularly, and we love it. This past Wednesday, February 16th, Greg launched an atrocious attack on ethanol fuel that was so entirely incorrect and anti-American that I kept thinking it was meant to be a joke. But, by the end of the segment, it was obvious that while they tried to use humor in the presentation, the presentation wasn't meant to be a joke; it was meant to be taken as serious wry criticism of ethanol fuel.

The Gutfeld attack on ethanol is, in my opinion, the most egregious media attack on ethanol fuel since Steve Hilton's outrageous anti-ethanol comments on his Fox News Channel show "The Next Revolution" in December 2017. At that time, I immediately wrote and published a rebuttal on, titled "Fox News' Revolting Take on Ethanol."

The false information presented in the "Gutfeld!" show attack was based on a so-called new study published on the PNAS website earlier this week (Monday, February 14th). (

This new study is actually just a rehashing of old, discredited exaggerations, myths, and lies created by the oil industry to denigrate ethanol fuel. I wrote and published a response to the study the following day. This response is titled "Faulty Outcomes From Faulty Environmental Reports" and can be read by CLICKING HERE.

I did find a couple of things ironically funny about the Gutfeld! presentation, for example the comments made by Greg and his regular guests about the ethanol industry's extensive use of PR people to create false narratives to promote ethanol. In reality, it is the oil industry's massive efforts to fabricate lies and myths about ethanol that should be roundly, and soundly ridiculed. Standard Oil and some other oil companies founded the American Petroleum Institute (API) in the 1920s primarily to invent lies to protect the dominance of gasoline. Another organization, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers (originally known as the National Petroleum Association) joined in the fabrication and dissemination of anti-ethanol lies. The budgets used in these extensive campaigns dwarf anything that the ethanol lobby uses.

In fact, here we are,, doing around-the-clock yeoman's work to beat back attacks on ethanol and farmers without any support from the stakeholders. We are neither farmers, distillers, fuel retailers, nor investors - we're simply patriotic Americans and devout capitalists who like like to see the U.S. and all true Democracies be safe and successful. Entities making a similar effort on behalf of petroleum oil stakeholders ain't doin' it for free. And I'm sure that somewhere down the line, Fox News' efforts to malign ethanol will get handsomely rewarded - it wouldn't make sense for Fox to allow such egregiously false, anti-American attacks on ethanol to air if they were not.

I'm going to continue to watch the show, in order to make sure they don't attack ethanol again, and to laugh at all the other, truly funny stuff.