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AIADA Reports Eighty Percent of New Car Buyers Paid Over MSRP in January


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Washington DC February 18, 2022; The AIADA online reported that Edmunds said that a staggering 82.2 percent of new cars sold in January went for more than MSRP, which is a new record.

The average new-car buyer in January spent $728 more than MSRP on their purchase, but that average varied widely by brand.

According to The Drive, buyers shopping for a Cadillac—whose cars already MSRPed at an average of nearly $77,000—paid an average of $4,048 over MSRP to take home their new cars, the steepest premium in the industry. Following Cadillac was Land Rover, which shook buyers out to an average of $2,565 over MSRP, and Kia with an average of $2,289.

Thanks to Kia's relatively low average MSRP, that $2,289 upcharge represents the highest markup bump in the industry, at 7.1 percent over sticker price. Yet, Cadillac is not a massive outlier in any regard.

Out of the 33 brands that Edmunds tracked, only six—Mini, BMW, Ram, Lincoln, Volvo, and Alfa Romeo—actually sold their January inventory below MSRP more often than not.

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