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"The Long Road To Electric Cars" - Reuters Reinforces The Auto Channel EV Opinion


Editor's Note: After years of being cast as stand alone anti-electric vehicles pariahs, it is finally time to have others in the main stream media agree with our long held position that Electric Vehicles ARE a Diversion, Not The Solution. Electric has been touted as the only viable choice to replace gasoline powered vehicles. It's Not! The ubiquitous replacement should be existing, cheap, end to end clean, renewable, realistic, Made In America, transportable liquid fuel for our "now and later" future..."spoiler alert", it ain't petroleum based.

The replacement for gasoline shouldn't take a seismic paradigm shift to make it should be easily trucked and stored at every one of America's 160,000 "gas" stations and convenience stores and replace oil based products virtually overnight so every American motorist can "fill up" their families' already owned and paid for cars and trucks without having to spend unfathomable and government encouraged large portions of their budgets for new cars.

With our "champion" Ethanol, there is no need for rocket science (for the past 120 years ethanol has been tested and found satisfactory for use), there will be no need to spend taxpayer $Billions (Trillions?) to install fragile charging stations and maintenance schemes and no used battery recycle landfills and inventions.

I am happy to report that this week other publications have finally grown the balls to report and editorialize about the Anti-American, hurtful fairy-tale that is the electric car tsunami.

We here at The Auto Channel are happy that others have seen fit to wake up and truthfully report about the Emperors New Clothes.

We believe that if an American wants to own and drive a car powered by electric, fuel cells, or CNG, or Ethanol, that is their prerogative in a free capitalistic society. But as is happening our government bureaucrats should not slam the door in the face of those 250 million vehicle owners that are "not in the market"

As Toyota president Akio Toyoda said recently "The enemy is carbon, not internal combustion engines", Traditional engines only need to be tweaked in minor ways to make them capable of running on hydrogen", Toyota’s chief engineer Naoyuki Sakamoto said last month, so just change the fuel that is put into the fuel tank... End of emission problems

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Less than 1% of the 250 million cars, SUVs and light-duty trucks on the road in the United States are electric

by Feilding Cage
Illustrations by Samuel Granados

Larry Nutson The Auto Channel Executive Editor reported that Reuters Journalist Joe White, says someday the U.S. might be a nation of electric cars, but it will be a long road and some of the scenarios outlined by the White House and the industry look optimistic.

MIT researcher David Ross and colleagues modeled different combinations of government support for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Among their messages is that without significant investment to expand the EV charging network sales of electric vehicles could fizzle.

The tide may be turning, have a look here at the story from Reuters: The Long Road To Electric Cars