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Snide's Auto Channel Rim Shots - *ba-dum-tssshhh!*"

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With the price of oil exploding America and its allies are financing the Russia Ukraine adventure, so where are the sensible and patriotic leaders who will mandate an increased use of available USA made, renewable, clean, cheap, more octane high blends of Ethanol fuel (like Flex-fuel E85). Are our leaders too busy drinking alcohol to act on the answer to both immediate and long-term fuel option improvements. *ba-dum-tssshhh!*

Why Has President Biden not allowed an increase in domestic oil production and dropped the hammer on Putin's head by halting the purchase of billions of dollars' worth of Russian Oil, is he Stupid, A Commie Bastard or Just following the bad advice of pro Russia advisors? "*ba-dum-tssshhh!*"

Wall Street Created Digital Used Car Lots Vroom and Carvana Reported 2021 P&L, The Both Bought and Sold More But Still Lost Lots Of Stockholder's Money. (Vroom Doubled Loss to $125 million, Carvana Reduced Loss to $287 million>. Neither Made It Up In Volume.*ba-dum-tssshhh!*

If Car makers plan to change their plants over to build only EV's the shortage of ICE inventory will push wanted used vehicle prices up 20-50X from where they are about cutting emissions! *ba-dum-tssshhh!*

Years ago, every car show display had surfboards and bikini clad booth babes, now the car makers all have off-road adventure why do we need to fix the roads when everybody will be off-road'n ? *ba-dum-tssshhh!*

Car dealers are taking way too much advantage of the public's belief that there is a car shortage, so how come dealerships are making more profit and selling for more than ever before? *ba-dum-tssshhh!*

If there really is a shortage of new cars, why are all of the car makers showing more TV commercials now than ever before? *ba-dum-tssshhh!*

Note From Milton Snide; If you have a rim shot send it to me at and we will add it to the list *ba-dum-tssshhh!*