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CarLotz Announces National Partnership with Privacy4Cars

RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 28, 2022 -- CarLotz , the nation's largest consignment-to-retail used vehicle marketplace, announced today it has launched a nationwide partnership with Privacy4Cars. The announcement, timed to National Data Privacy Week, is another step the company has taken to deliver on its mission to provide the world's greatest used car buying and selling experience by offering best-in-class protections, including the secure removal of all personal information captured by the vehicle, to guests who choose to sell or consign their car at any of their nationwide hub locations.

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According to Privacy4Cars, over 4 out of 5 cars sold last year contained personal data. "The partnership with Privacy4Cars allows us to exceed expectations and deliver on our promise to provide best in class customer service to our guests," said John Foley, Chief Operating Officer of CarLotz. "Privacy, safety and security should never be a concern when selling a car and, whether consigning or selling directly to us, CarLotz is proud to lead the way."

Personal information is captured by a vehicle when users connect a phone via Bluetooth, USB, or — if the vehicle is equipped with GPS or telematics — simply drive it around town. While there are DIY ways to delete information stored in the infotainment system and other modules of the vehicle, including phone records, detailed whereabouts, garage door codes, text messages (often including financial and medical information), biometrics, driver behavior tracking and unique identifiers, the truth is there are tens of thousands of different vehicle-specific procedures required to ensure complete removal of one's personal information. "Most people would never sell or turn-in their mobile phone without erasing all its personal information," said Foley. "Your vehicle's computer often contains the same personal information and shouldn't be transferred to a new owner without securely removing that data."

Vehicles at all CarLotz hubs have been processed using Privacy4Cars technology. Over the coming months, CarLotz will add a visual icon to sales data, in hub and online, for all vehicles available.

"Consumers are increasingly choosing to do business with companies who care about their privacy and safeguard their information," said Andrea Amico, Founder of Privacy4Cars. "Cars today collect a lot of data from previous owners and their family members; data that should not be sold with the cars. That's why this partnership between Privacy4Cars and CarLotz is so important -- together we can offer the peace of mind their customers deserve and, by doing so, make CarLotz their first choice on where to do business."

Privacy4Cars is a tech company focused on creating privacy and compliance solutions for vehicles, to offer Personal Information (PI) deletion across CarLotz' consigned inventory and maintain its position at the leading edge of the retail remarketing channel.

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About CarLotz 

CarLotz is a leading consignment-to-retail used vehicle marketplace that provides our corporate vehicle sourcing partners and retail sellers of used vehicles with the ability to easily access the retail sales channel. Our mission is to create the world's greatest vehicle buying and selling experience. We operate a technology-enabled buying, sourcing, and selling model that offers an omni-channel experience and comprehensive selection of vehicles. Our proprietary technology provides our corporate vehicle sourcing partners with real-time performance metrics and data analytics, along with custom business intelligence reporting that enables vehicle triage optimization between the wholesale and retail channels.

About Privacy4Cars

Privacy4Cars is the first and only technology company focused on identifying and resolving data privacy issues across the automotive ecosystem. Our mission, Driving Privacy, means offering a suite of services to expand protections for individuals and companies alike, by focusing on privacy, safety, security, and compliance. Privacy4Cars' patented solution helps users quickly and confidently clear vehicle users' personal information (phone numbers, call logs, location history, garage door codes, and more) while building a compliance log. For more information, please visit:


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