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How Auto Retailers Can Market Cars to Generation Z

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A whole 92% of Generation Zers are yet to buy their own cars--in case you needed any proof that many sales opportunities exist for auto retailers in this market. As with any other buyer, the first thing to do before you start selling cars to Gen Zers is to find out what they want, and most importantly, how to get their attention. Here are a few ways auto retailers can market to a younger audience:

Sell an Experience

Gen Zers live for experiences, so if you want to get their attention, don’t focus on selling cars, focus on selling the experience. Don’t be so focused on marketing the specs and features of your vehicles because with Gen Z, showing a flashy new feature is not enough, you must also show how useful and practical it is.

So, when marketing your cars, take time to explain to buyers how they will enhance their lifestyles. Paint a picture of how the cars will benefit them in their daily lives. For example, you can explain--or show--how electric cars will lower their environmental footprint. This will fascinate them and encourage them to buy. Offer extended test drives to allow Gen Zers to see how the cars will fit their lifestyles before they make the purchase.

Enhance Your Digital Presence

Gen Zers grew up with the internet and spend a huge amount of time researching products online before making a purchase. Therefore, your online presence must be strong and you must communicate consistently with customers and prospects. Your content should also be relevant to help you connect with your audience better. Authenticity sells! Create posts that humanize your brand and build trust with your audience. For example, you can post a car stock photo with a catchy caption like “For the most memorable road trips!”

Research has shown the majority (97%) of Gen Zers use social media as their top source for inspiration when shopping. But you don’t have to limit yourself to social media posts. Take advantage of sponsored ads and posts. You can also use taglines, campaigns, and even email marketing to market to Gen Zers.

Gen Zers are highly expressive and love products and services that help them express their style and personality. For an auto retailer, this could mean personalizing and customizing the vehicles you sell. You can provide unique license plates, posh interiors, vivid colours, and fancy wheels. For Gen Z, a car isn’t good just because it has great specs, how it looks is just as important.

Remember the Basics

Gen Zers may be a new breed of shoppers, but this doesn't mean you should abandon the marketing basics when selling to them. You must do your best to help them find the right vehicles--those that fit their wants, needs, and desires.

71% of Gen Z say they need to know all the options available to them before they make a purchase. This means they will most likely reach out to your competitors to see what they are offering. In today’s world, customer loyalty is earned through a memorable experience. So, give Gen Zers the red-carpet treatment and they’ll buy cars from you time and again.