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5 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Aerodynamics

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Today, automakers design their cars with aerodynamics in mind, and several features right from rounded front end to streamlined bodies attest to this. Still, in the pursuit to increase your car’s handling and fuel economy, there are several elements you can upgrade for aerodynamic improvements. Here are five ways to improve your car’s aerodynamics.

1. Add a front lip or air dam

While many people settle for front lips and air dams for their aesthetics, these upgrades do more than give your car an aggressive appearance. Installing a front lip from Monaco Motorsports provides you with a kit that decreases the amount of air flowing underneath your vehicle. This allows you to reduce drag while creating more downward force, allowing your car to go faster. Typically, race cars spot a front air dam, splitter, or low and wide bumper to attain these benefits and navigate better against airflow by having less resistance.

2. Install a diffuser

Adding a diffuser to your car will provide you with better aerodynamics as they help draw out air from beneath the vehicle, enhancing airflow speed. Consequently, it creates a low-pressure area that allows for better grip levels and supports smoother acceleration due to the increased downforce. Most diffusers are further slope-shaped to support the different pressure levels created and prevent air spills that could increase drag.

3. Go for wings

Rear wings have become a common feature in high-performance cars such as the Subaru WRX STi for their practical aerodynamics function. These add-ons help reduce lift on a vehicle while traveling at high speeds by using the first flowing air over it to create downforce. This prevents the creation of an up-force as airflow is streamlined, giving the tires a better grip of the road for better braking and cornering.

4. Add spoilers

Among the popular modifications that increase your car’s value are spoilers. However, these upgrades do more than give your vehicle a sophisticated look as they help reduce aerodynamic drag that causes your engine to work harder. At the rear, spoilers work by creating more downward force as the car travels faster, leading to a better grip on the road. At the front, spoilers help reduce the amount of air going underneath the vehicle, providing better wind resistance for smooth driving.

5. Rake the car

Raking your car by lowering the front end to create a slight wedge shape is an excellent way of improving its aerodynamics. This method works by creating suction under your vehicle and leading to more downward force by generating a better ground effect. However, finding the right rake angle in your car is vital, as you do not want to lower your car so much that it creates an imbalance. On the other hand, you do not wish to have a modification that has little to no impact on your aerodynamics as the rake angle is too small.


If you want to boost your car’s aerodynamics, these are some of the most viable options that will enable you to achieve your goals.