TULSA, Okla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Francis Energy, owner of the nation’s first statewide EV fast charging network, stands ready to continue expansion across middle America as President Biden signs the landmark bipartisan infrastructure bill into law today at the White House.

Francis Energy Founder and CEO David Jankowsky said, “We are at the cusp of transforming transportation as we know it. The American road is an integral part of our nation’s story and today the federal government has now wisely put its foot on the accelerator to change the way we drive for generations to come.”

The $7.5 billion investment in building EV infrastructure across the United States included in the legislation will help create a modern transportation network.

Jankowsky noted, “This legislation will help fuel the country’s drive toward the EV economy. But it will take a combined effort and investment from business as well as from federal and, importantly, state governments to make it happen.”

Francis Energy is the fourth largest owner and operator of direct current fast-charging (DCFC) stations in the country. The Francis network includes more than 550 fast charging ports across 120 distinct locations providing coverage virtually every 50 miles in the state of Oklahoma – the first comprehensive statewide fast-charging network in the nation.

Jankowsky added, “Our priority is a public fast-charging network that serves all communities. The Francis network eliminates range anxiety and opens fast-charging access to all EV drivers.”

Jankowsky emphasized that Francis Energy is committed to expanding fast-charging access in rural states and in underserved communities that have been largely ignored by today’s fast-charging networks.

“Our network across Oklahoma provides a roadmap for eliminating range anxiety in the rest of the country and helps achieve Detroit’s EV goal of 50 percent of new car sales by 2030,” Jankowsky said.


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