SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sunverge, the provider of an industry-leading distributed energy resource (DER) real-time control, orchestration and aggregation platform, today announced a strategic partnership with Simply Energy, Nissan Australia, and Wallbox, a provider of innovative intelligent charging solutions for plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles. The partnership will combine Sunverge’s advanced intelligent energy management platform, Wallbox’s Quasar bi-directional in-home electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and Nissan’s compact electric vehicle the LEAF.

Through this partnership, the Sunverge real-time DER platform expands into controlling not just EV charging but also the EV batteries, allowing utilities to harness fleet Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) to further enhance distributed energy resource control and real-time dynamic, flexible load management. This combination will also offer utilities and retailers expanded multi-asset and multi-service aggregation with the inclusion of EVs as “mobile batteries”, delivering far more cohesive EV, DER and demand-side management programs while supporting grid services for integrated base and peak load management services. Sunverge, Nissan and Wallbox will jointly study the opportunities around advanced V2G capabilities such as frequency regulation and response.

“The electrification of transportation along with electrification of homes and commercial buildings are two of the vital trends integral to decarbonizing the world’s energy infrastructure,” said Martin Milani, CEO of Sunverge. “That effort will require expanded control, orchestration and aggregation of power from electric vehicles offering utilities a way to harness them as distributed energy resources. The grid can manage the proliferation of EVs more efficiently and reliably while aggregating and orchestrating EVs with other DERs offering multi-asset flexible load management and curtailment grid services making the grid smarter, cleaner, more reliable and resilient. This partnership is a major step forward in that effort and we are proud to be working with our partners Simply Energy, Nissan Australia and Wallbox. Jointly we will realize the significant upstream gains possible from the integration and aggregation of these distributed EV resources. Utilities and retailers can play a major and active role in the electrification of transportation and offer in home EV charging as a service bundled with EV friendly tariffs and integrated as a part of their services offerings. It is always a pleasure to be working with forward-thinking utilities and we are delighted to be working with Simply Energy on this innovative and groundbreaking program.”

“Simply Energy is excited to be collaborating with Sunverge, Nissan Australia and Wallbox on taking another step on the journey towards carbon neutrality,” said Ryan Wavish of Simply Energy “We are looking forward to working closely with Sunverge’s DER control, orchestration and aggregation platform to help speed up the electrification of transportation and make EVs an integral part of the smart grid of the future

“As the brand with the only bi-directional capable battery electric vehicle from factory on the Australian market today, Nissan are excited to be working with Simply Energy, Sunverge and Wallbox to bring this technology to Australian customers,” said Ben Warren, National Manager – Electrification & Mobility, of Nissan Australia. “The Nissan LEAF not only offers an exciting EV driving experience, it goes so much further by integrating into the energy system. With this program, we hope to be able to showcase the opportunity a Nissan LEAF can provide when paired with the right hardware, control systems and energy plans to unlock benefits for not only Nissan customers, but the wider energy grid and all energy users”.

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About Sunverge Energy

Sunverge Energy provides the leading open dynamic platform for Virtual Power Plants (VPP), a grid-aware and dynamic power source built from the aggregation of behind-the-meter DERs (distributed energy resources). The Sunverge VPP platform is unique in providing dynamic multi-objective optimization of services on both sides of the meter, helping customers with intelligent management of their own renewable energy generation and utilities with greater flexibility in managing their infrastructure investments, reducing generation costs, increasing system reliability, and meeting their renewable energy goals. Together with the Sunverge Infinity edge controller, the Sunverge VPP platform provides intelligent dynamic near real-time control over decentralized energy resources that is efficient, reliable, and responsive to utilities and their customers. For more information please visit

About Wallbox
Wallbox is a global company, dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy in the electric vehicle industry. Wallbox creates smart charging systems that combine innovative technology with outstanding design and manage the communication between vehicle, grid, building and charger. Wallbox offers a complete portfolio of charging and energy management solutions for residential, semi-public and public use in more than 60 countries.Founded in 2015, with headquarters in Barcelona, Wallbox’s mission is to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles today to make more sustainable use of energy tomorrow. The company employs over 500 people in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

About Nissan
Nissan is a global full-line vehicle manufacturer that sells more than 60 models under the Nissan, INFINITI and Datsun brands. As part of the ‘Nissan Next’ plan, globally the company plans to extend its leadership in electric vehicles, symbolised by the world's first mass market all-electric vehicle in history, the Nissan LEAF and continuing with the upcoming Nissan ARIYA SUV – launching into key global markets in late 2021.

In January 2021, Nissan announced our goal to achieve carbon neutrality across the company’s operations and the life cycle of its products, including raw material extraction, manufacturing, use, and the recycling or reuse of end-of-life vehicles by 2050. As part of this effort, by the early 2030s every all-new Nissan vehicle offering in key markets will be electrified.

Nissan will pursue further innovations in electrification and manufacturing technology to make progress on the company’s carbon neutrality goal in the following strategic areas:

  • Battery innovations including solid-state and related technologies to develop cost-competitive and more efficient electric vehicles;
  • Further development of Nissan’s e-POWER electrified powertrains to achieve greater energy efficiency;
  • Development of a battery ecosystem to support decentralised, onsite power generation for buildings with renewable energy sources. Nissan anticipates increased collaboration with the energy sector to support the decarbonisation of power grids;
  • Manufacturing process innovations to support higher productivity in vehicle assembly, starting with the Nissan Intelligent Factory initiative. The company will also strive for greater energy and material efficiencies to support longer-term carbon neutrality ambitions.

Nissan’s global headquarters is in Yokohama, Japan, and has a global workforce of 247,500.


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