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Eliminate "I Have No Budget" Bullshit From Auto Maker PR Now That Free Auto Brand Editorial Matches The Brand Influence Of Paid For TV. Enough All Give And No Get By Editorial Auto Web Sites

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Auto Central Louisville, KY August 15, 2021; The publishers of The Auto Channel believe that after 26 years of providing automotive entities with free access to our audience for their brand's advertising and publicity it's only fair for us to receive a small share of paid advertising so we can continue our information equality and sustain our mutually beneficial future.

The Auto Channel Channel audience numbering 500,000 monthly, are comprised of grown-up car guy influencers who consider TACH their most important Stop On The Digital Mother Road to find focused easy to understand, easy to read helpful and fun automotive content. They find comfortable eclectic lifestyle articles, in depth "one-click-away-from" complete vehicle specs, they read journalist vehicle reviews and event coverage. They won't be bothered by cookies or other clandestine privacy pirates here, and there are no hucksters SCREAMING "find best price" bull, no "tatt" monster experts, no nose rings, no fast talking scary characters, no third party lead-gen selling just quiet old fashioned telling in a mature measured way.

They find 1 million pages of auto content that will increase their car and truck knowledge so they can confidently detour around biased lead generating advertising-influenced search engine results and purposeful site omissions, both of which are conducive to making wrong decisions and expensive assumptions.

As our communication partner you should know that we feel really taken advantage of by your company. After The Auto Channel publishes your provided editorial news about your products or we invest in a professional review of your new vehicle for no cost to you, and then we see your paid-for TV commercial featuring that exact vehicle shown within a no audience cable TV show, paid-for-advertising that generates less lasting impact for your brand awareness then editorial published on The Auto Channel, stories that will remain on The Auto Channel in perpetuity...we feel like suckers.

Free PR exposure is great for your company but not for us, and unless The Auto Channel receives some paid advertising, we won't be around to promote and expose your products and releases, gratis.

We are not looking for unearned charity, The Auto Channel has an audience of over 500,000 and a Domain Ranking so important to GOOGLE SEO automotive seeking companies that they pay us $2-300 for a single linked guest editorial post...your company pays zero.

We don't want the present one sided “you take-but-not-give” to evolve into The Auto Channel charging car makers for publishing their promotional releases and reviews...but without revenue it may have to.

Over these past 25 years we have created Single Brand Content Archives each containing thousands of your brand's articles, reviews, images and company news, each indexed, parsed and instantly available forever to researchers and shoppers around the world.

This effort is expensive to initialize and maintain and its time that your companies paid ad budget includes a small slice that can guarantee our continued promotion of your brand.

Over the years we have been told by your PR executives that they love us but have no control over the dissemination of paid advertising because of the historic internal separation between PR and Paid Advertising, but a new report Editorial Auto Brand PR Matches Influence Power Of Paid-For TV shows that your free PR exposure is as effective as paid advertising in influencing top of mind brand awareness...are you looking for charity now?

OK, you have heard our argument and plea for advertising revenue to sustain our future, so here are "toe in the water" advertising packages as low as $600 per month that can show your positive appreciation for partnering editorial publishers like The Auto Channel.

Please break with your one sided policy and act on this request with a strong suggestion to those advertising buyers who are obliviously oblivious to the PR value of The Auto Channel.

Value Advertising Rates 3Q 2021, 4Q 2021

Traditional Advertising Packages:

20,000 ROS Impressions per month - $600
80,000 ROS Impressions Per Month - $2100
150,000 ROS Impressions Per Month - $4000
250,000 ROS Impressions Per Month - $7200

FIXED POSITION - (Product Page Exclusivity)

728x90 Top Banner - 22.50 CPM (No Bonus)
300x250 Top Half Screen Banner - $18.50 CPM
160x600 Top Half Screen Banner - $16.50 CPM
20% Discount For 1/3,1/3,1/3 Banner Distribution
50% Discount for 100% 1/3,1/3,1/3 Banner Distribution Below the fold

Cancellation Policy - All Banner Advertising Has A 45 Day Cancellation But If You Believe That Your Adverting Here Is Not Working Let Us Know So We Can Adjust Positions.


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