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Settle for Free, the first personal injury law firm in the country to represent clients for free, launches in Fort Lauderdale

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 6, 2021 -- Jonathan Broder is pleased to announce the opening of his law firm B.B. Legal and its personal injury settlement platform

Broder's law firm is the first firms in the country to offer limited-scope representation for personal injury claims for free. Broder is quick to point out that not all cases are appropriate for the platform but "millions of cases a year can and should settle without the need to go court."

With his new law firm and tech platform, Broder helps car accident and slip and fall victims get all the money they deserve without paying the typical 30-40% contingency fees other personal injury lawyers charge. How? The SettleForFree platform uses data and analytics plus legal expertise to help resolve claims.

Broder remembers being a first-year associate attorney and thinking how inefficient the legal process is. "I knew approximately how much a case will likely settle for the day we signed a client up, but it still took 12 to 18 months or longer to settle the case. So, I developed a technology platform and process to settle claims in 90 days," said Broder.

"Clients have urgent needs, but the legal process is very slow and expensive. It's a very inefficient system ripe for disruption," according to Broder.

The law firm's technology platform, SettleForFree, streamlines and automates much of the onboarding process and integrates with other providers to speed up the process.

"We have a huge opportunity to improve the client experience and use technology to eliminate manual processes," said Broder.

The "free" business model is certainly unique in law, but Broder is confident that his law firm will still be successful. "We have a unique business model. We still generate revenue by referring more complex cases to co-counsel," said Broder.

Broder believes personal injury lawyers unfairly cast the insurance companies as evil. "I watch TV and one commercial says the insurance guy is "my neighbor" and that I'm "in good hands" with them, and the next commercial is a personal injury lawyer saying how evil these same people are. It's ridiculous!" said Broder. Instead of hyperbole, the firm relies heavily on data and analytics to provide clients with a realistic expectation of their case's value.

"Lawyers who say they will take your case to trial are misleading the public and setting false expectations. Historically, 96% of cases settle. Before the pandemic, it was typical to wait a year or two for a trial date, but as a result of COVID-19, it may take 3-5 years before your case is heard," said Broder.

Settling cases is nothing new, but Broder's law firm's use of data and analytics sets it apart.

Visit us on the web today at and keep your money.

Not all cases will qualify. Visit to see if your case qualifies. Restrictions apply.

Karen Campbell,
[email protected]

SOURCE Settle For Free

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