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Online Digital Dealers Upcoming Challenges and Opportunities

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David V. Goliath

Management Note: The Auto Channel has prepared for acquisition, after 27 years it's time.


Franchised Auto Dealers anticipate that nearly half of their sales in 5 years will be completely digital.

Dealers are preparing by hiring staff with tech savvy skills in response to consumer desires to conduct transactions online but there is also one very important thing they can do to compete.

Will your dealership be able to maintain it's site's competitiveness against content rich full service national dealer sites from CarMax, Carvna, AutoNation, EchoPark and others?

With your eyes to the future, I am sure that you recognize that competing head to head against highly funded “money is no object” web entities, will be a serious challenge .

But The Auto Channel has a tool for dealers to level their field of battle like David's Slingshot did against Goliath, The Auto Channel has a simple and inexpensive solution which allows dealers to add award winning automotive content to their dealer site and take a big step in transforming one dimensional e-commerce based sites into competitive “full service” sticky web sites. With a content subscription to The Auto Channel even the simplest of dealer sites can serve thousands of brand facing relevant, historic and helpful editorial, instructional information, editorial content that will enhance a dealership's current and future efforts.

NADA research shows that on-line consumer relationships solidify when automotive sites can deliver a total end-to-end on-line encounter, one that includes both transactional opportunities and relevant curated automotive editorial.,,but content creation is both difficult and expensive.

Competition for site visitors is going to get even more competitive.

Car Max America's number one used car dealer understands the power of presenting a full-service site to shoppers, to that end they recently invested $50 Million dollars in content website,

According to Bill Nash, CarMax president and CEO; Edmunds proprietary content, comprehensive automotive market insights and streamlined user experience across the car buying and selling journey will allow us to deepen our engagement with customers shopping online.

The addition of Edmunds content will make the CarMax site an even more formidable competitor to local dealer web sites like yours, so what can you do to compete?

Go “full-service” with a monthly republication subscription for The Auto Channel's main library of hundreds of thousands of historic and evergreen automotive articles...updated automotive content that will insure local dealers' sites a competitive stickiness of your digital sales point. while expanding your relationship with your existing customers and shoppers. <

For more than 25 years The Auto Channel®, ( the Internet's original interactive editorial automotive web site has published what many agree is the web's best independent editorial automotive content, and now you can use all of it to make your site better. 

Compete for visitors with the “Big Guys” by offering a “newsstand” of updated automotive content and news...adding desirable and brand relevant content at an amazingly low subscription cost will help insure insure your digital competitiveness.

If you are interested in subscribing or have questions or comments please let me know.

Bob Gordon, President
The Auto Channel