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Privacy and your car: Car systems are a hackers dream - EXPERT

Hi Carey​,

Security and privacy threats such as ransomware and hacking have become mainstream issues that require vigilance. However, few individuals think about their car as a major threat or danger to their personal security. As cars become more and more technologically advanced, citizens need to be cautious of what this entails for their privacy. 

Available to weigh in is Laura Hoffner, Chief of Staff of Concentric ( , the largest and most influential privately held security firm on the west coast of the United States. 

“Car systems are becoming a hackers dream�??

Laura says: 

· Cars have become the most sophisticated technology many of us own that are constantly tracking everything we do. A car’s infotainment center can track everything from who the driver is calling, the exact gas station the car is fueling up at, restaurants the driver is eating at, and unique identifiers of the phone connected to the car that even includes photos. Tesla Model 3’s have the ability and harddrives to collect video snippets from the many cameras on the vehicle.
· Companies with the sole purpose of retrieving this data for investigation purposes are beginning to arise and a new market is opening up. Tools to extract the incredible abundance of critical data cars withhold are becoming accessible to law enforcement, military, civil agencies, and private organizations, and ultimately a tool people with ill intentions have the ability to access.   
· Car systems are becoming a hacker’s dream, giving them the ability to hack speedometers, drivers seat positioning, steering wheel placement, and cameras if applicable to certain vehicles. Tesla infotainment centers being hacked by exploits delivered by hobby drones while parked have been reported and supposedly patched by Tesla, but still shows the possibility for hackers to access vehicles remotely. 

Please let me know if you would like to set up an interview with Laura Hoffner. I have attached her full bio and media clip below. 

Thanks, Alix

Laura Hoffner // Seattle, WA

Laura Hoffner is Concentric's Chief of Staff. After 12 years as a Naval Intelligence Officer supporting special operations around the globe, LCDR Hoffner transitioned to the Naval Reserves and joined the Concentric team in the fall of 2020.

Laura on Fox5DC (

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