WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OPAL Fuels LLC, a vertically integrated producer and distributor of renewable natural gas (RNG) for heavy-duty truck fleets, announced today a contract with Contract Transport Services (CTS) to sell 15 million gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE) of RNG and construct the station and related infrastructure at CTS’s facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. TruStar Energy, an OPAL Fuels company, will manage construction and operation of the station.

“Right now, we have over 150 trucks running on public fuel. By contracting with OPAL Fuels to internalize our fueling infrastructure, the new RNG fuel and related infrastructure will save us time, money and significantly reduce our carbon emissions,” said Curt Reitz, President of Contract Transport Services.

CTS began its mission to reduce its carbon footprint in 2013, transitioning to cleaner fuel with the company’s first CNG-powered truck. Today, CTS owns 103 CNG-powered trucks. The company has partnered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a SmartWay affiliate to help reduce GHG emissions and improve fuel efficiency. As a result of its sustainability efforts, CTS won Wisconsin Clean Cities’ 2019 Forward Fleet Award and was named a Top Green Fleet of 2019 by Heavy Duty Trucking.

“CTS’s move to internalize their fueling infrastructure and fuel their trucks with RNG is a smart move. A move the that will reduce their carbon emissions by 132,000 tons” said Adam Comora, Co-Chief Executive Officer of OPAL Fuels.

Following years of testing and growing use, RNG has developed into a proven, low-cost, low-carbon fuel available today. RNG is chemically identical to the natural gas Americans use to cook and heat their homes, with one critical difference: it's not a fossil fuel pumped from the ground. Instead, RNG is the natural byproduct of landfills and animal waste, captured and processed before it leaks into the atmosphere or is required to be burned off. By utilizing existing natural gas infrastructure, RNG can reach the majority of the United States without additional expense. Accordingly, fleets that use RNG can reduce their total GHG by 99 to 149 percent compared to diesel, and RNG can also cost 40 to 70 percent less per gallon, providing an attractive rate of return on natural gas truck capital expenditures and a significant annual operating cost savings.

“RNG is the best alternative fuel option on the market,” said Reitz, “we are proud to say we can deliver our customers their products safely, efficiently and sustainably with OPAL Fuels.”

About OPAL Fuels LLC

OPAL Fuels LLC, a FORTISTAR portfolio company, brings together FORTISTAR Methane Group, FORTISTAR RNG, and TruStar Energy to create a vertically integrated renewable fuels platform. OPAL is an emerging leader in the production and distribution of renewable natural gas (RNG), a proven low carbon fuel with a decades-long track record of results that has the power to rapidly decarbonize the transportation industry. OPAL captures harmful methane emissions at the source and recycles the trapped energy into a commercially viable, low-cost alternative to diesel fuel. OPAL’s subsidiary company, TruStar Energy, manages all fueling station development, construction, and service. As a vertically integrated producer and distributor of RNG for heavy-duty truck fleets for over 20 years, OPAL delivers best-in-class, complete renewable solutions to customers and production partners. To learn more about OPAL and how it is leading the effort to decarbonize North America's transportation industry, please visit www.opalfuels.com and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter at @OPALFuels.

About CTS

Contract Transport Services, established in 1985 and headquartered in Green Bay, WI, is a leader in providing dedicated and Midwest regional transportation services to many Midwest Fortune 500 companies. CTS’s strong reputation for exceptional service has created double-digit growth for the past 13 years, providing a strong career partner for over 160 dedicated trucking professionals. CTS guarantees our customers products that will be delivered safely, economically, and always on time. Placing high importance on the environment, CTS is proud to say that 98 percent of our entire fleet runs on compressed natural gas (CNG), which reduces customer costs and positively impacts the environment. To learn more about CTS, please visit www.ctsgb.com.


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