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ALYI Publishes EV Rideshare Update With IQST, UN and Revolt Token Highlights

DALLAS, June 18, 2021 -- Alternet Systems, Inc. (USOTC: ALYI) today released a management update after conducting a scheduled review of its electric motorcycle development program last week with the dedicated design team from MODUS Applied Innovations. 

The review and corresponding update include details on iQSTEL's (OTCQB: IQST) contributions to ALYI's electric motorcycle development program and EV Rideshare and Self-Drive Rental pilot program in Africa.

The review and corresponding update also include details on a parallel electric motorcycle pilot recently initiated in Kenya by the United Nations.

In summary, ALYI management is confident, after completing the review, that ALYI remains on track with its EV Rideshare and Self-Drive Rental pilot program in Africa. 

ALYI EV Rideshare and Self-Drive Rental Pilot Program Management Update

MODUS is working with iQSTEL on connected, state of the art, electric vehicle technology in support of ALYI's overall electric vehicle program objectives. 

MODUS is specifically developing a retro electric motorcycle based on the styling of the BMW R71 WWII era motorcycle produced initially for military use.  But what MODUS is doing overall has a much more comprehensive set of objectives and far-reaching impact.

MODUS and ALYI are nearing finalization of the production ready design of the retro Revolt Electric Motorcycle that will be produced and sold in the United States.  ALYI already has hundreds of reservations to purchase the retro Revolt Electric Motorcycle.

The wider set of objectives in the MODUS electric motorcycle design initiative was to build an ALYI proprietary electric vehicle technology intellectual property (IP) body of knowledge.

The body of knowledge includes inventorying all available off-the-shelf EV technology that would enable the efficient construction of an optimal and affordable electric motorcycle from commercially available components.

Hand-in-hand with this inventory of commercially available EV technology, is the identification of solution gaps from the market of commercially available components that can contribute to an optimal and affordable electric motorcycle. 

There are a good number of gaps, and in turn, little to no electric motorcycles on the market today that can be categorized as optimal and affordable.  The general state of the electric motorcycle market today is either an electric motorcycle that costs as much as a luxury combustion engine car, or an electric motorcycle that has limited range and passenger capacity.

ALYI is confident in the progress being made by MODUS to close the various EV technology GAPs.  The resulting ALYI EV IP Portfolio will set ALYI apart from other EV competitors, particularly EV competitors in the motorcycle sector of the overall EV market.

IQST is playing an instrumental role in the MODUS electric motorcycle design initiative for ALYI.  IQST brings experience and their proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) technology to the ALYI design team.  IQST is concentrating on a custom EV Battery solution for ALYI.  The ALYI EV Battery solution is more than a battery with a longer range or faster charging capacity.  IQST's EV Battery design efforts include forward thinking battery management solutions that draw on IQST's IoT experience and proprietary technology to connect the bike outside the frame to external resources that can contribute to battery management and differentiate ALYI's solution from competitors.

In addition to the IQST contributions, the UN has initiated its own electric motorcycle pilot within the boda boda (motorcycle taxi) market in Kenya.  ALYI anticipates the UN's pilot to contribute valuable insight regarding electric motorcycle rideshare enterprise limitations and constraints that will need to be addressed to facilitate the expansion of an effective electric motorcycle deployment.

The electric motorcycle rideshare and self-drive rental pilot is on track and anticipated to begin next month.  The pilot is moving forward with known solution gaps that we are already working to close.  We anticipate the pilot to identify additional gaps in addition to giving us the opportunity to test solutions to close the gaps we have already identified.  We expect the pilot to grow our proprietary EV technology intellectual property body of knowledge and accelerate our ultimate commercial deployment of electric motorcycles in Africa.

ALYI has an order to deliver 2000 electric motorcycles in Kenya to be deployed into the motorcycle taxi (boda) market. The first delivery schedule for July is intended to support a first phase, pilot rollout of the rideshare service.  The motorcycle ride hail market in Africa is estimated at $4 billion.

ALYI's Electric Motorcycle Program is only a small part of the company's comprehensive strategy to build a far-reaching electric vehicle ecosystem. 

The success of any electric vehicle will depend on the simultaneous availability of an entire network of solutions necessary to support the electric vehicle. 

For example, the electric vehicle support network ranges from the availability of power, to charging stations where power can be accessed, to long-range batteries to make electric vehicles efficient modes of transportation, to connectivity so software updates for motor synchronization and battery optimization applications can be continuously updated along with other electric vehicle user support applications.

ALYI's primary business focus is on its overall electric vehicle ecosystem strategy out of which electric vehicles will be just one component. 

ALYI is building its electric vehicle ecosystem in a region with one of the lowest per capita transportation ratios in the world, Sub Saharan Africa.  

To both attract industry leading talent to collaborate in ALYI's electric vehicle ecosystem, and to provide an opportunity to prove innovations coming out of the electric vehicle ecosystem, ALYI is launching an annual electric vehicle race in partnership with a brand name racing organization. The annual race event will be hosted simultaneously with an electric mobility symposium and expo.

ALYI is setting itself apart from the rest of the electric vehicle industry not only through its electric vehicle ecosystem strategy, but also through its commitment to democratize the electric vehicle ecosystem.

ALYI's financing partner and electric vehicle ecosystem collaborator, RevoltTOKEN, has already provided key funding to advance ALYI's business plan to its current stage. 

ALYI's funding partner, RevoltTOKEN has opened the sale of Revolt Tokens to contribute to financing ALYI's overall electric vehicle ecosystem strategy.  In the course of the initial Revolt Token sales, ALYI's funding partner, RevoltTOKEN has learned from the initial process and is making updates to the Revolt Token program it expects to rollout soon.  Look for more news next week coming from RevoltTOKEN.

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