HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions (REVS), a Houston-based firm offering full-service electric vehicle charging station consultation, installation and management for commercial real estate owners and developers, has officially entered the marketplace. Founded by commercial real estate veteran of 40 years, David Aaronson, and his co-founder and Head of Operations, Mike Aaronson, REVS is addressing a growing need within the commercial real estate and sustainability sectors.

REVS goal is simple: to assist property owners, managers, and real estate developers in providing the infrastructure, equipment, and ongoing support needed to refuel electric vehicles in areas where vehicles remain idle for 3+ hours, such as multifamily developments, office buildings, hotels/motels and shopping centers. The REVS team is already helping several clients meet this goal and installing charging stations in multifamily and commercial properties across Texas and California in the coming weeks.

In addition to ongoing consultation surrounding EV charging best practices, as a reseller of Blink Charging Co., a leading provider of electric vehicle charging services, REVS’ team also handles the installation and management of the charging stations for its clients. Blink is one of the few manufacturers that have Level 2 charging machines that can offer up to 19.2 kW/hour when refueling an electric vehicle

Through his decades-long career within the commercial real estate sector, David Aaronson provides first hand expertise and a passion for assisting clientele in harnessing the benefits of electric vehicle charging stations.

“As Electric Vehicles (EV) become more prevalent, it is imperative that commercial real estate and multifamily owners and operators realize that their assets will provide the future infrastructure for charging these vehicles,” said David Aaronson, Founder and CEO, Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions. “We are excited to immediately offer our clients the countless benefits associated with EV charging stations, including additional revenue generation and marketing opportunities and potential green or carbon credits.”

To learn more about REVS, visit https://refuelevs.com or contact Brooke Kaplan at brooke@likemindstalk.com or 713-882-1774.


Brooke Kaplan