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Eliminate Boredom, Have Fun, Regain Zoom Zoom, Maybe Even Make BIG Money As A SPAC Ready CFO Auto Channel Partner

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Louisville, KY (Yeah I Know Louisville) June 9. 2021; We assume that because you are already here on The Auto Channel you are the guy that your family and circle of friends consider their go-to-guy for car information and opinions?

We imagine that in your second career you would like to get the opportunity to join the professional car guys, car guys who test drive the newest cars, car guys who go to car shows, car guys who are invited to report on the newest models and know the guys and gals who always seem to have a smile on their face, because they are lucky enough to live the professional car guy life.

Are you retired from your executive career? Are you getting tired of your "always busy" life? Tired of wasting your talent? Frustrated by having to keep your ideas bottled-up because no one will listen or act upon them?

If you have grown bored with golf, fishing, gardening, lunch with the bored that you are even thinking about a time killing career as a Walmart greeter or Amazon Prime delivery person...stop!

The Auto Channel has an exciting partnership opportunity that can recharge your batteries and put some zoom zoom back in your tank and help The Auto Channel continue to grow.

The Auto Channel Partnership Deal: (Do as much or as little as you want)

  • Partner/Investor Car Guy In Training
  • No regular hours (but 24x7 like many of us)
  • Your partnering with The Auto Channel gives you an real excuse to rent a small or big office and make it your haven.
  • You will never be alone, each day(hour) you can communicate with a smart, motivated, interesting, team of experienced car guy journalists.
  • You will be trained to qualify as a new car reviewer.
  • You will be trained as an IT professional so you can help make The Auto Channel run
  • You will be trained as an HTML editor so you can matter-of-factly publish content to The Auto Channel
  • You will be trained as an auto journalist, so after training you can write and publish and qualify to become a credentialed auto journalist
  • After you qualify as an auto journalist you will be offered the opportunity to report from the world's most important car events as working press for The Auto Channel
  • After you qualify as an auto journalist you will be offered the opportunity to interview auto industry executives and motor sport personalities for publication on The Auto Channel
  • After you qualify as an auto journalist, will be offered the opportunity to attend automotive-relevant trade shows and association meetings as working press for The Auto Channel
  • After you are recognized as a published auto journalist, you will be offered the opportunity to join your other team members as accepted members of professional automotive journalist associations
  • After training you can contribute to daily content conceptualizing and brainstorming
  • Most importantly you become part of our team of old, smart, exciting and still vital far-seeing men and women

For more than 25 years The Auto Channel, the web's original interactive automotive web site has published, what many agree is, the web's best independent automotive editorial information and entertainment site, produced by the web's oldest, most experienced team of writers, producers, engineers, video producers, artists and conceptualizes of any and I mean any commercial web site in the world.

To a person our team members all love what The Auto Channel allows them to do, and love what it does for them. We are not a march in place team, so we are looking for another old car guy, to add his capital, knowledge and opinions to help us expand revenue generation, increase valuation, purchase additional automotive data, pay some bills and expand our million plus pieces of automotive content.

After 26 years of bootstrap financing we learned that in times like these, it doesn't work. We recognize that we don't have enough capital to bring more exciting, ground breaking and profitable ideas to life and wih the near term economic situation we are tired of trying to solve problems.

If you want to make the rest of your life exciting, are the guy who can contribute your smarts, talents, energy and buy-in money, let's talk.

Don't Die Of Boredom.

Bob Gordon, Co-Founder
Marc Rauch, Co-Founder
The Auto Channel, LLC
332 West Broadway
Louisville, KY 40202
502 386 8316