NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--EVPassport, the EV charging hardware and software platform for purpose-driven organizations, today announced the first and only open EV charging platform. Consisting of brandable hardware and API-driven software, EVPassport enables organizations to integrate the EV charging experience directly into their existing consumer-facing applications and services – providing customers with a branded EV charging experience that is compatible with any vehicle.

“We founded EVPassport with two fundamental goals: provide the most seamless EV charging experience for drivers possible; and empower brands to control and enhance customer engagement,” said Aaron Fisher, CEO and Co-founder, EVPassport. “Our API-driven approach significantly reduces the barriers to electric vehicle adoption and increases the incentive for retail, hospitality, CRE and consumer-facing brands to install EV chargers and advance the global sustainability movement.”

The number of electric vehicles in the United States is projected to increase from 1.5 million in 2020 to up to 35 million by the end of the decade. According to Deloitte, the greatest concern for EV adoption in America is a lack of EV charging infrastructure. By requiring separate applications, accounts and top-up balances, traditional EV charging networks present additional barriers to accessing already limited availability.

EVPassport removes these barriers with an interoperable network providing open REST API sets for location information, real-time availability, billing rates and more. Through its Google Maps integration, drivers can see charger locations and click directly through to start a charging session without having to download an additional app or create a separate provider account. The company’s API-driven platform enables developers to integrate live EVPassport chargers directly into their applications, electric vehicle dashboards, services and more to control the user experience and drive brand engagement.

Newlab is a community of experts and innovators applying transformative technology to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Newlab is installing several chargers at its Brooklyn Navy Yard headquarters to help meet the EV charging needs of its growing community of more than 800 entrepreneurs that include material scientists, roboticists, computer vision experts and data scientists.

“Newlab is dedicated to championing innovation and frontier technologies that build a more resilient, sustainable world. When we were looking to deploy EV charging stations on our properties, EVPassport’s open APIs and universal availability made the company the obvious choice,” said Shaun Stewart, CEO, Newlab. “Additionally, the EVPassport team supported us through our NYSERDA rebate pre-approval process, which covers the cost of the hardware, software and installation. It enables us to increase brand engagement and generate revenue immediately, while providing a seamless experience to our members.”

As a public benefits corporation, EVPassport is dedicated to thinking beyond profitability to simplify the process for organizations to purchase and install EV chargers. The company provides both Level 2 and DC fast chargers. All chargers are equipped with LTE and are payment-enabled, making them out-of-the-box ready for use with any EV brand. EVPassport chargers deliver drivers an app-less charging experience built around the ability to scan a QR code, pay and go. Charger owners receive an energy management solution that is customizable to meet brand standards, creates an additional source of income and meets the charging needs of all consumers.

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About EVPassport

EVPassport is the EV charging hardware and software platform for purpose-driven organizations. Brands committed to sustainability rely on EVPassport to provide their customers with the most seamless payment experience to charge any electric vehicle without requiring a separate app, account or a top-up balance. And EVPassport is the only platform that enhances customer engagement for these companies by providing custom branded hardware with API-powered software that easily integrates with their existing applications and services. For more information, follow EVPassport on Twitter (@EVPassport), Instagram (@EVPassport) and LinkedIn, or visit


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