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5 Long-Lasting Auto-Glass Maintenance Tips

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Today, cars are our main form of travel, and it’s important to have a vehicle that will get you to your destination safely and without any mishaps. In order to ensure this, proper car maintenance is key. Your windshield is an important safety feature, but it is one of the most neglected parts when it comes to car maintenance.

Why does windshield maintenance matter?

While most car owners take them for regular servicing, many forget to consider their car’s windshield during periodic visits to their mechanic. Windshields are a crucial safety feature as they prevent dirt, dust, and rocks from getting into your vehicle. They also help you to have a clear view of the road by protecting you from the glare of the sun. A properly installed windshield can also save you from an accident’s impact, and offers support to the car’s roof so it doesn’t collapse during a crash. Just like you maintain the brakes, tires, and engine, your windshield requires proper care. Here are five tips to help you maintain your windshield.

1. Get a professional to repair the windshield

If you notice any cracks or chips on your windshield, it is crucial you get it repaired as soon as possible. If left unrepaired, they can result in the formation of bubbles, and over time this could blur your view of the road. Small chips and cracks can also become worse and dangerous if neglected. If your windshield requires repair or replacement, get certified auto glass providers to do it to ensure maximum safety.

2. Avoid harsh cleaning products

To avoid damaging your windshield, avoid using harsh chemicals such as ammonia-based glass cleaners. Use products meant for the windshield, and be sure to clean it with a microfiber cloth.

3. Don’t park your car under direct sunlight

Avoid parking your car under direct sunlight, especially in places with extreme temperatures, as it can lead to stress cracks in the windscreen, which could put your entire windshield at risk of breakage. Parking your car under direct sunlight for long periods could also lead to the further spread of any existing small chips and cracks.

4. Clean and replace windscreen wipers regularly

Accumulation of dust and dirt can cause windshield wipers to warp over time, and can result in scratches on the windshield, further eclipsing your vision. Clean the wiper blades regularly to prevent them from warping and replace them at least once a year to protect your windshield.

5. Don’t slam the doors

Slamming the door can have serious implications on your car windows. It causes the side windows to become loose and come off their tracks. If the glass has cracks already, they could spread further. Make a habit of closing the doors gently.


Windshield maintenance is a crucial part of car maintenance as they enhance safety and visibility. Along with maintaining your brakes, tires, the battery, and changing the fluids and filters, ensure you take good care of your car’s windshield. Have your windshield repaired by a professional, avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time, don’t use harsh cleaning products and replace the wipers regularly.