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6 DIY Car Modifications

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If you are a true autophile, you won't settle for anything less than your dream car, even if the model is far from it. Car enthusiasts take car issues too personally, and one way of expressing themselves is through their car's look. However, a car mod isn’t all about looks as you can also opt to step up its performance and comfort.

The good news is that you can do it yourself. Let’s analyze some cost-effective DIY car modifications that don't break the bank.

1. Throttle response

A car race track junky will give anything for a car that roars to acceleration pressure. If your throttle components are stable and work harmoniously, then you will get that thrilling torque with every acceleration. Adjusting your throttle's components depends on your car model and might require assistance from a mechanic.

Modern cars have an electrically controlled unit that finetunes the throttle components, while in older versions, a cable connects the throttle pedal to the throttle body and is exposed to frequent wear and tear. Replacing such a part might be all you need to improve your car.

2. Improve the lighting experience

There are several lighting modification options for car owners. The headlights make the most difference in a vehicle's appearance at night. If your vehicle's lights are dimming out, then you can get a full headlight replacement. Always consult with a vehicle’s lighting expert if you want to enhance your car with LED lights.

3. Tinting windows

Want some privacy while driving? Adding tint to your car windows is an old-school practice that has found a place in the modern world. Window tinting itself comes with a host of benefits, such as minimizing bleaching of the interiors by UV radiation and overall protection from excess sunlight to the car occupants.

4. Car wrapping

Car vinyl goes back to the 1950s and is mainly used for advertisements and labeling. However, you can use this technology to enhance your car's look and evade the extravagant costs associated with painting.

Wrappers give you an option to customize your car colors annually. Most car owners prefer using racing stripes wrapping, but the choice is entirely yours. All you need are your ideal wrappers and a garage for your service.

5. Seat covers

Car's upholstery is subjected to tear and wear due to continuous use. However, you can always give your car seats a new look by introducing the necessary seat covers. Seat covers give you an option to customize seat material, color, and styles while hiding any tear or stains.

6. Performance tires

Using low-quality tires on your car can be the biggest style let down for your car. When upgrading your car's performance, consider adding custom-made performance tires that improve the ride's general feel and enhance your road presence.

Additionally, a wheel adjustment such as increasing the wheel's width and diameter reduces the sidewall height. This enhances your car's drivability by increasing the wheel's surface area in contact with the road surface.


A car is one of the most important aspects of anyone's life, and its look and performance dictate our driving experience. Luckily, you can do easy, inexpensive mods to enhance your car's appearance and performance.