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The Watt Electric Vehicle Company Coupe: Redefining the Sports EV - Or Another One and Done?

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• Premium EV manufacturer, the Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC), unveils first model

• WEVC Coupe is a sub-1,000kg rear wheel drive fixed-head sports car combining retro looks with state-of-the-art EV technology

• Based on WEVC’s own sophisticated PACES EV platform, which meets the latest safety and crash standards, the Coupe has a 40kWh battery structurally integrated into the chassis

• Ride, handling and steering honed for driver engagement and real-world enjoyment

• Features near 50:50 weight distribution and a mid-mounted 120kW electric motor

• WEVC has already completed 10-months of prototype testing and predicts a WTLP range of up to 230 miles with a 0-62mph time of just over five seconds

• 21 Launch Edition Coupes available to order now priced from £81,250; customer deliveries commence early 2022

CORNWALL, England - February 17, 2021: Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC) is set to redefine premium electric sports cars with its first model: the classic-inspired Coupe.

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Carving out an entirely new niche, the two-seater, rear-wheel drive, mid-motor-mounted WEVC Coupe combines retro looks with the very latest in lightweight, sophisticated EV architecture, creating an engaging, real-world sports car, yet one that conforms to modern safety standards.

Under the skin is WEVC’s in-house developed EV platform, called PACES. Made from bonded aluminium, it features an integrated battery enclosure built into the primary chassis as opposed to a separate battery case, allowing the entire platform to be lightweight and very structurally efficient – while the whole powertrain and chassis combination meets ISO regulations and European Small Series Type Approval crash requirements.

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PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

With near 50:50 weight distribution, a kerbweight of less than 1,000kg and double wishbone suspension, the WEVC Coupe puts the driver first, majoring on carefully-honed ride, handling and steering characteristics. Power comes from a 40kWh lithium-ion battery, while the mid-mounted electric motor in Launch Edition vehicles will provide 120kW (160bhp).

Over the last 10 months, WEVC has carried out extensive prototype testing and further refinements will continue to be made over the coming year. WEVC simulation models, validated during testing and development, predicts production specification cars will have a WLTP range of approximately 230 miles, with the 120kW Launch Edition Coupes able to accelerate from 0-62mph in just over five seconds.

The Coupe’s all-new composite body is inspired by the legendary 1955 Porsche 356a. However, all exterior surfaces are subtly different to optimise aerodynamic efficiency and house the state-of-the-art bonded aluminium chassis and bespoke suspension. Inside, the entirely new cabin majors on beautifully executed simplicity, using premium-grade lightweight materials while also providing the range of creature comforts expected in a modern vehicle such as air-conditioning and mobile connectivity.

Neil Yates, founder and owner of Watt Electric Vehicle Company, said: “The Coupe represents two firsts for Watt Electric Vehicle Company. It is our very first model – and the first to utilise our PACES modular EV architecture, which will underpin many next-generation specialist passenger and commercial EVs. With our debut vehicle we wanted to build a light, engaging sports car, at the opposite end of the spectrum from the current trend toward hugely powerful, fast accelerating, but heavy electric supercars.

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PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

“Thanks to our PACES architecture, we have been able to keep the Coupe’s weight to a minimum – under 1,000kg – yet we have also structurally-integrated a 40kWh battery into the chassis and exceeded all EUSSTA safety crash testing standards. We have also achieved near 50:50 weight distribution too.

“The WEVC Coupe’s focus is on engaging the driver, providing enjoyment in real-world situations from city streets to B-roads. With double wishbone suspension, 16-inch wheels and 60-profile tyres, it has a comfortable ride, excellent steering response and a handling balance that is entertaining and exploitable, rather than chasing outright lateral grip.

“Extensive simulation work indicates we can achieve a WLTP range of 230 miles, with prototype testing supporting the translation of that data into real world performance. With compact dimensions, superb packaging and a tight turning circle, we envision the WEVC Coupe being just as at home in the centre of London or cruising along an A-road, as it is on a twisty B-road.”

The WEVC Coupe’s advanced development phase will continue over the coming months ahead of a full production car reveal in late summer. Manufacturing will begin at WEVC’s home in Cornwall in November with first deliveries in early 2022. Each WEVC Coupe can be individually tailored to a customer’s tastes, with the 21 120kW Launch Edition Coupes starting at £81,250.

About Watt Electric Vehicle Company
Watt Electric Vehicle Company is both a manufacturer of premium electric vehicles and technology leader enabling the niche vehicle industry to go electric, thanks to its unique new EV platform. Complying with all ISO standards and meeting European Small Series Type Approval crash standards, Watt Electric Vehicle Company’s sophisticated modular skateboard architecture can support the low volume production of almost any EV from small passenger car to commercial vehicles. For more information, visit

Watt Electric Vehicle Company’s Passenger And Commercial EV Skateboard (PACES) modular architecture can be applied to almost any size or shape of EV – across FWD, RWD and AWD layouts – and complies with all ISO regulations and European Small Series Type Approval crash standards. The key to PACES’ enormous capability is its structure concept and manufacturing system.

Whereas large-volume aluminium platforms use bespoke, complex and expensive corner-castings, PACES is composed of lightweight extrusions combined with high precision laser-cut and fold pieces that interlock and bond together, an innovation called FlexTech. In this manner, PACES forms chassis that are low cost, extremely rigid and very accurate, delivered to within 1mm of variability across the whole platform. The PACES platform requires little upfront investment in expensive tooling or post-assembly machining, further reducing manufacturing costs.

About Neil Yates
Neil Yates is a highly-experienced sports car and niche vehicle development professional, having spent 20 years in the automotive industry, running RallyPrep (building rally cars for international clientele) and providing consultancy and specialist project support through JSC Automotive. In the last decade he has played a major role in the development of a wide range of niche vehicle projects, including a growing number of hybrid and EVs.

The Watt Electric Vehicle Company Coupe is inspired by and closely resembles the 1955 Porsche 356a, albeit with many changes to the exterior and interior surfaces, along with a modern thoroughly engineered bonded aluminium chassis, double wishbone suspension and battery electric drivetrain.

Watt Electric Vehicle Company is not connected in any way with Dr. Ing. h.c.F Porsche AG. The company does not imply that any Watt Electric Vehicle Company product is the product of Porsche AG, nor are the Porsche or 356 names used or associated with Watt Electric Vehicle Company products. Porsche and the Porsche crest are registered trademarks of Porsche AG.