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Sales Professional Opportunity


Well, its reached the point where the owners of The Auto Channel have too many balls in the air and need help doing what we are not.

In the beginning, 25 years or so ago, Marc and I had the energy to run the company, develop new and exciting features, report from the world's many auto shows, host client meetings in NY, Detroit, Houston, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Geneva, etc. and still have more than enough gumption to find time to make sales calls to bring home the bacon, it worked then, but ain't working now.

Things had changed and we were too busy to notice...but our accountant did.

As things changed in the digital advertising space we didn't change with them, and now we are trying to figure out what we need to do to get back in the HOV lane.

We have been told - and we agree - that our monthly audience of 500,000 with a DR of 61 is a viable asset; and our million pages of automotive content is also valuable, but it seems that we have forgotten how or are just too exhausted to successfully monetize our assets....that's where you come in.

After 26 years of parenting The Auto Channel, its time to get some help with the job. We are looking for a sales person to take what we have accomplished and bring home the bacon. We are offering full autonomy, no corporate bull-shit and a partnership position in The Auto Channel for your successful bacon bringing.

If you have interest in exploring a future with The Auto Channel, contact Marc or me and we will be happy to 'splain it.


Bob Gordon, Co-founder
Marc Rauch, Co-founder

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