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The Car Guy’s Guide to Building a Web Blog

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So, you like cars enough to talk about them to everyone and in any situation? If you’re the type that people go to before buying a car or making an upgrade, then you probably should make your website to help more people and even earn a few bucks on the side.

What better way to reach more people than to set up your blog so that people who need your help can easily find you.

But of course, it may be hard for you to set up a website, you’re a car guy, after all, not a web guru. This is where this article comes in. In this article, you will find a primer of the most important things you should know to get started.

Before, jumping right in, what are the other benefits of having your blog about your interest?

You Become a Better Writer

If you are thinking of putting up videos on your web blog, you will still need to write a script. As you become more and more efficient in writing, you will begin to earn other skills as well.

You become more articulate and learn how to communicate your thoughts better which is important as your website grows. The things you need to say or the solutions that you offer need to be written engagingly and at the same time provide value to your reader or audience.

Being better at writing will also help you become more productive. When your website grows, the demand for work it will entail will also grow and it can be overwhelming, fast. But if you have grown your writing skills, then it will be easier for you to take on these things.

Open Up New Opportunities

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We’re talking about new avenues and things you never thought you’d be doing. A thriving website can be a mothership which can bear different branches which you can monetise on. Specifically, you will be able to put up ads, create contests, and even set up your shop.

If you’re going to the last part, then you might want to consider going on Etsy if you have merchandise. It doesn’t matter if you have little to no knowledge about it because there are experts like who can help you get a headstart in your venture.

Learn More About Your Interest

Putting up a web blog will entail a lot of research. The fun part about this is you will come across plenty of information that will surprise you.

The world of cars still has a lot to be discovered and if you get an exclusive scoop on the latest news or you unearth an interesting fact no one has seen before, then that’s a reward in itself.

Get to Connect with Like-Minded People

The great thing about the car hobby is that it has a great community. Having a car web blog will allow you to get people together to connect and create a community.

You all can share information, pictures, videos, events, and information which can help you grow your love for the hobby even more.

Chance to Become an Authoritative Figure in Your Interest

This has happened before. A website was put up as a hobby and it blew up to an entire career for the owner. They then were elevated to celebrity status and have been a go-to person for anything that was related to the topic.

With a bit of work and patience, this can also happen to you.

Are you excited? There are plenty of things to be done at the beginning, but once you’re over these things, you will be able to enjoy putting up content for your website and be well on your way in building your empire.

Here are the basic steps to take to create your car web blog.

Buy a Domain

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Before getting started, you have to decide on what name you will give your website.

A rule of thumb for this is to pick out something easy to remember and will stand out from the rest. It should also tell more about who you are and what topics your audience can expect from it.

Try to come up with a list of about 10 then narrow it down according to how you like them all. The top three may be a difficult choice but go with what feels best and what you will be proud to be associated with and you will have your brand.

Once you’ve chosen the name, buy the domain for it quickly. This step does not only help you secure the name, but it will solidify your decision to make a car web blog because you have already invested in it.

You can do this by using different website builder tools which come in handy because they have a buy domain feature which allows you to build the website in just one place.

Write about topics you like consistently

When you have set up the web blog, it is time to write.

The key here is to do it consistently. You can set up a time for you to publish a post weekly, every other day. This depends on your schedule. What is important is that you do it regularly to make your audience see that they can expect fresh content from you continuously.

Talk about things that you know and leave the difficult ones for later. This way while you’re still starting, you can be able to churn out content regularly until you get a good grip of things and create a habit.

Get Visitors

Since we don’t live in a “you build it and they will come” world, you have to give your website leverage. Websites like webtrafficExperts will help you secure visitors to your website. With a custom plan or their best value packages, your website will be crawling with authentic human audiences.

This way, search engines will easily find your website and will put it on top of the results page which will make it visible to people who search about the topics you are writing about.

Getting website traffic is a small and effective investment to your website which will have long term effects.

Plan for the long term

Speaking of long term, you have to draw out a plan for your web blog. As mentioned earlier, as it grows, the tasks you need to accomplish will also grow alongside it.

Having a solid plan will provide you with a direction to help you if things seem out of control or keep you from slacking off. It is also an effective way of keeping tabs of what needs to change or improve on the website.

Your plan may include getting other people to do tasks for you, creating categories, or even expanding to other areas of interest. You control this part so reach for the stars.

Another thing you can do is to utilize other web services to improve your website. But of course, you have to be sure that their services are legitimate. To do this, you can ask other website builders for their review. Check out WebmasterReviews for the best feedback from website admins on a particular website.

Promote your blog

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Start telling other people about your blog. Post it on your social media and tell your loved ones and friends about it. Let them in on what you’re doing. This way you increase the number of people who are interested in your topic.

Aside from promotion, you may also get people to ask you about things that you can use as your content. This will be a great way to showcase your website as well as get more information to use in the future.


Finally, try to find ways you can get a return for all your effort. Most website builders have monetization features and tools so try to get a basic understanding of this.

You can also feature guest posts, sponsorships, and ads on your website. There are plenty of ways to do this. But be sure to choose the one that will benefit you the most and will not be intrusive to your audience when they are browsing your web blog.


You can expect other car guys to have the desire to build their websites too. But you don’t need to be intimidated or feel anxious about them. Run your race. Remember, it is not about competing, it is about helping others and having fun along the way.

And to get a good boost as you start your website, you can avail of web traffic service from webtrafficExperts.