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Top Startups Disrupting the Mobility Industry

BOSTON, March 2, 2021 -- Based on interviews with key startups in the industry, Lux analysts have published a list of the top mobility startups in 2020. Lux's experts, who evaluate companies on their technology, business strategy, leadership, and market positioning, have awarded all these companies a "Positive" or "Strong Positive" rating. The list has been published in the market map "Top Mobility Startups of 2020."

"Although significant disruptions arising from COVID-19 created major challenges for automakers and mobility providers, this didn't change the fact that the mobility industry is undergoing the most significant change in a century," explains Christopher Robinson, Senior Analyst at Lux Research. "Electrification, autonomy, and the shared business models at the intersection of those two trends are more relevant today than ever before."

The startups are categorized into four key trends the mobility industry should be tracking:

  1. Improving urban mobility – As urban populations grow and cities place increasing restrictions on vehicles in city centers, new solutions for moving people in cities are required.
  2. Profiting from shared mobility – Despite rapidly increasing popularity, most shared mobility services aren't yet profitable and need to find innovative solutions to generate profits.
  3. Decarbonizing transit – Electrification is a promising solution for decarbonizing vehicles. Today's charging solutions are inadequate, while the energy needs of long-distance transit require completely new solutions.
  4. Adapting to autonomy – The advent of autonomous vehicles will change the use case of vehicles, with ripple effects felt throughout the automotive supply chain and maintenance industry.

The named top startups include Pixel8, Xandar Kardian, Pantonium, Traffic Technology Services, Lithium Americas, Amply, magniX, Lithium Werks, Group14 Technologies, Magnax, SolidEnergy, PolyPlus Battery, Nanoramic Laboratories, Ionic Materials, Amprius, Voltaiq, Qnovo, Twaice, Virta, AutoX, emotion3D, Blue White Robotics, Deepen, GuardKnox, Fabric, Neolix, Ampaire,, OceanAlpha, Herone, Controlant, Steelhead, and Rein4ced. Download the market map to learn more.

Media Contact:
Jessica Bonner
[email protected]

SOURCE Lux Research

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