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Another Reason to Love Algae - It May Reduce the COVID Mortality Rate

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Algae spirulina

Algae could provide enough ethanol to completely replace all gasoline use, plus so much more

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

It's believed that algae can produce about 100 times more clean burning ethanol fuel per acre, per year, than corn. Algae production typically doesn't require any pesticides or chemical fertilizer, nor does it require any water, other than the water it is grown in. This alone makes algae a fabulous resource.

Of course, as a source of clean healthy engine fuel, it is just one of the many wonderful uses of algae. But now, according to a report from Israel that a team of scientists have released a study showing that an extract of spirulina algae has the potential to reduce the chances of COVID-19 patients from developing a serious case of the disease.

According to an article appearing in today's (Feb. 24, 2021) Jerusalem Post, the study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Marine Biotechnology. The study states that an extract of photosynthetically manipulated Spirulina is 70% effective in inhibiting the release of the cytokine TNF-a, which is a small signaling protein used by the immune system. The Jerusalem Post article can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Asaf Tzachor (lead author of the study) said, "We hope this research would urge the communities of regulators and investors and pharma companies to invest more resources and give more attention to natural-based therapies. The potential is unbelievable."

Yep, it's another reason to love algae!

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