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Online Psychic Readings: Best Free Psychic Reading Sites 2021 By

NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2021 -- Best online psychics reading sites for live personal & accurate readings at 2021 according to latest reports.

The science behind psychic readings works on the principle of connecting a spiritual world with that of reality. Although this has been around for some time, it can be difficult to find genuine psychics. Therefore, the team of researchers at Psychic Experts aim to go through this haystack to find genuine and authentic psychics. On Psychic Experts, one will be able to even compare different psychics on the basis of ratings to choose the best one. 

At Psychic Experts, one will receive a detailed list of different psychic related websites. The team of analysts review and research each of these websites to promote authentic psychics. The reviews include statistics about the websites as well as a list of features. Psychic Experts aim to compile a review of psychic services in an unbiased light. This will help readers to obtain the most accurate reading possible. 

Best online psychics reading sites for live personal & accurate readings:

Kasamba  – Best psychics advice on relationships and future love life, Kasamba offers 3 first minutes free readings and 70% off for the first session. To learn more about the services provided by Kasamba on their official website Here

Psychic Source – Services are exceptional in readings for career advice & financial future and tarot card interpretation. One can choose to be anonymous & secure. The first three minutes are free. As well as 75% off for first reading session more about Psychic Source services are present on the official website Here 

Keen Psychic – Accurate psychic readings online for big life decisions, first 10 minutes for just $1.99, more about Keen Psychic services Here.


Great for: They provide tarot readings, animalistic readings and detailed relationship readings. 
Type of readings: Readings take place online through chats or emails. 
Specialties: They provide readings exclusively for relationships. 
Special offer: At present, Kasamba is offering their services at 70% off along with the first three minutes free of free psychic reading online for each session with a new psychic. 

Kasamba is mostly known for connecting individuals with online psychics that provide love readings. These readings begin with a client revealing their name. A client can also choose to remain anonymous. Upon revealing some basic personal information, an advisor will ask a few non-intrusive questions regarding the relationship. Therefore, a psychic will be able to outline the future of one's relationship in a few sessions. 

The readings occur online when the psychics uses various mediums to achieve the best results. The advisors at Kasamba are known to create a connection between the two worlds using devices. These devices are usually tarot cards, tea leaves reading and astrology. Kasamba has been in business for around 20 years and has lent their services to hundreds of individuals seeking answers. One can make provisions to hire a specialist in love psychics.

The process of joining Kasamba involves a sign-in process. After doing this, one can browse through the hundreds of advisors and psychics present on the platform. To find the perfect advisor, one can spend around three minutes chatting with any of the possible options. This allows one to get a lay of the land in a sense as they find their advisor. 

In addition to tarot reading online, the psychics are also capable of carrying out readings through runes and numerology. The advisors at Kasamba are varied in that they can interpret various events and dreams. They offer readings by noting down all the aspects of the dream and creating a better picture that is easier to understand. In addition to dream reading, Kasamba advisors also hold readings for the individuals looking for career options. They conduct a series of sessions where a psychic will ask various questions regarding their likes and dislikes and then dispense advice accordingly.

Kasamba Psychics - 3 Free Minutes Readings + 70% Off - Right Here 

The best part of Kasamba is that they carry out a rigorous selection process in order to find the most genuine psychics online. In addition to this, Kasamba also offers an individual the right to retain their identity. This implies that an advice seeker can participate in sessions without revealing their identity. This feature allows one to be safe and secure on the website. 

Payments on Kasamba are carried out through the process of online banking. These payments occur on a secure SSL connection. According to Kasamba's privacy policy, the credit card information is not accessible by any of the advisors on the site. It is also under special protection from any third party individual. An advice seeker can also use Paypal or other online payment options. 

The price for the services of an advisor is on the basis of per minute of the session. The average price range for each minute can go from $2 up to $10. The credit card that is added to the website undergoes monthly or periodical deductions to add the Kasamba account. The usual amount that undergoes deduction is around $15. This amount means that the account will have validity. This is the base amount that has to present at all times. This money comprises the Kasamba account. An individual can add more money to the fund to automatically pay for the sessions. 

Kasamba has recently come out with an offer to encourage more visitors. According to this offer, an individual will receive 70 percent off of their first session. In addition to this, they also periodically release e-coupons and promotions. These are sent to one's email. The promotions will undergo activation by clicking on the link present in the email. However, one should be wary of the fake promotions and coupons that may appear.

Kasamba also has an app that carries out the same functions as that of the website. This app allows one to schedule meetings, make payments and other functions. 

Kasamba Psychics - 3 Free Minutes Readings + 70% Off - Right Here

Psychic Source:

Great for: They offer advice about one's career and financial future. Tarot Readings, Mediums, and other methods of providing readings. 
Type of readings: Phone call, video call and online chat. 
Specialties: They also offer special readings regarding one's love life. They offer energy healing and assistance during loss and grieving. 
Special offer: At the moment, Psychic Source is offering 75 per cent off on the first full session. In addition to this, they also offer the first three minutes of free psychic reading.

Psychic Source has been around longer than Kasamba. They have amassed a large pool of clients due to the 30 year period that they have been active for. This site houses some of the most experienced psychics that have been in this field for over 10 years on average.

The website aims to find the most suitable advisor for each visitor that comes to the website. This is possible through the use of the Find A Psychic tool that the website possesses. The tool works to create a list of preferences. The Find A Psychic tool asks approximately three questions. The first question involves sending in an answer regarding the purpose of the reading. That is, what type of answer an individual is looking for. One can then choose from a list of four options. The next question involves finding out which type of psychic they prefer. 

The options range from clairvoyants to mediums. One can also choose a final option stating that they do not have a preference. After this, they choose their preference of devices or aids that are to be used in the reading. The options can range from angel cards to psychics that do not require tools.

Psychic Source - 3 Free Minutes Readings + 75% Off - Right Here 

Finally, one can choose the medium through which the reading will be carried out. They can choose between phone, chat and video call. They carry out love tarot readings as well.

After answering all these questions, one receives a list of various psychics. These psychics range from experienced to newbies. 

Psychic Source is known to be one of the cheaper psychic reading websites out there. The sessions are also priced per minute. The average price for each minute is around $0.66. The payment options are similar to that of the other websites. They accept credit cards and other third party payment options like Paypal and Google Pay. 

The most characteristic feature of this psychic website is that they carry out energy healings. Energy healings involve establishing a connection between our bodies and the universe. According to the principles of energy healing, an individual is connected to the universe through electromagnetic waves. The waves propagate through vibrations. The energy is constantly flowing through the body and into the surrounding space. However, with certain stressful situations, a person tends to lose this rhythmic vibration and will lose this connection with the universe. Therefore, one needs a bit of fine tuning. 

Psychic Source - 3 Free Minutes Readings + 75% Off - Right Here

This is possible through the energy healing sessions offered by the Reiki practitioners present on the Psychic Source platform. 

Psychic Source also houses various other specialists. For example, they offer the services of a clairvoyant. Clairvoyants are able to perceive and understand visions that a person may have. This aids in interpreting dreams and past life experiences. Clairaudients are capable of interpreting voices and sounds. Clairsentients possess special touch receptors which receive sensations. Animal communication is also a service that is available on Psychic Source. Through these psychics, one is able to communicate with their pets. In addition to this, one can also employ and empath. These individuals can help one understand their feelings and emotions. They also help them make peace with traumatic situations and so on. 

In addition to its services, Psychic Source also possesses a blog. This blog features articles that mention various topics regarding tips to take care of oneself. The self help blog works to maintain one's spiritual and mental wellbeing. It also has articles explaining the methods that their advisors use. The main purpose of the blog is to increase the credibility of the services present on the website. 

Psychic Source has advisors who are available round the clock. However, in case a psychic is not available at the moment, one can avail of the callback feature. According to this, one can call the Psychic Source helpline and book a session with the advisor of their choice. 

Psychic Source prioritizes customer satisfaction. According to their money back guarantee, one can receive all their money back if they are not satisfied with the reading.

Psychic Source - 3 Free Minutes Readings + 75% Off - Right Here

Keen Psychic:

Great for: They can conduct readings with the help of tarot reading, astrology and star signs. They also offer psychic reading online. 
Type of readings: Readings and sessions are carried out online through chats and video calls. One can opt for phone calls as well. 
Specialties: Special guidance for life decisions. 
Special Offers: One can participate in readings of 10 minutes for $1.99

Keen Psychic has also been around for a little more than 20 years. They pride themselves on providing authentic services to their customers. Some customers are known to have availed of their services for several years. Keen Psychic advisors carry out readings using devices like tarots cards, auras and animalistic tools as well. The Keen Psychic website has an easy interface. One characteristic feature is the price dial that one can use. A person can choose a psychic from a lower range to a higher range as well. 

The price can range between $1 per minute to $10 per minute depending on the popularity and ability of the psychic. 

At present they offer an introductory price of $1.99 for the first 10 minutes. In addition to this, they allow an individual to access the first three minutes of most psychics for free. Each psychic label contains a status notification. This notification shows whether the psychic is online or not. The website also clearly states if the psychic prefers to be into phone psychics or a chat psychics. An individual can also receive live psychics. The website houses a separate section for astrology readings, numerology and rune reading. 

Keen Psychic urges its users to choose the right psychic by following a few tips. The main thing to look out for in a psychic is their methods, personality and energy. If they fit or align with one's personality then it is a good fit. The important aspect of finding the right advisor is to be comfortable with them. 

10 Minutes For Just $1.99 With Keen Psychics - Right Here 

Each psychic on Keen Psychic possesses a few statistics and information. Each profile contains a rating, the number of people rating the advisor as well as the number of sessions that have been carried out by each advisor. In addition to this, they also provide the number of years that the advisor has been active. Each psychic will also create an introductory message. 

The advisors at Keen Psychic take the help of various tools to carry out their readings. They carry out tarot online. In fact, the website also contains a tool that helps an individual find the psychic that suits them. This tool functions on the basis of the preferences that the user locks in. 

In order to become a member of the Keen Psychic family, one would have to create an account. In addition to this, one would have to link their credit card to the account. An individual would have to invest in Keen Credits. These credits find use in buying the services of a psychic. 

Keen Psychics' family also aims to create the most secure platform for users. One can avail their services without revealing their real identities to the advisors. In addition to this, they also have a rigid privacy policy to protect one's finances. 

Keen also offers its services through the free app present in the Apple or iOS play store. Therefore, one can make arrangements on their phones as well. The advisors present on this website can carry out accurate readings online. 

Keen Psychics also possesses a money-back guarantee. In case an individual is not satisfied with their session they can choose to take back their money. However, the money is paid back through Keen Credits only. 

10 Minutes For Just $1.99 With Keen Psychics - Right Here 

From time immemorial, psychics and fortune tellers have been a major part of ancient as well as modern cultures. Although the truth behind this practice is under dispute, many still flock to psychics to make hard hitting decisions. However, most individuals would have to travel physically to a psychic after searching up "psychics near me" on various search engines. Therefore, the rise of online psychics is a welcome one as people can receive their readings in the comfort of their own homes. 

Though it may seem that psychic readings are not possible online, the online psychics have become accustomed to performing readings virtually. As many customers have come forward to voice their opinion on psychic reading online have been a mix of positive and negative reviews. 

Therefore, it is essential to attend these sessions with an open minded mindset in order to receive the best experience. 


Psychic Experts skims through hundreds of websites and their reviews. This vastly decreases the time that an individual would have to invest by themselves to find genuine psychic reading by phone or chat. 

Therefore, the Psychic Experts website is a great portal for the psychic enthusiasts who are searching for guidance in a trying time.


SOURCE Psychic Experts

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