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Wondering how you can maintain your site's competitiveness against content rich full service Wall Street supported digital dealers? And support the sales effort without breaking the bank?

Competing head-to-head to generate visitors with content rich, well funded "money is no object" digital entities, is a serious challenge.

But you do have a competitive advantage that strangers to your market just don't have...history and a deep understanding of the people who live and work in your market as well as you do.

NADA research shows that online consumer relationships solidify when automotive sites deliver a total end-to-end online encounter, one that includes both transactional opportunities and locally relevant editorial content.

Even so competition for site visitors is going to get even more competitive, Car Max America's number one used car dealer understands the benefits of presenting an editorially enhanced full-service site to visitor-shoppers in your market, to that end they recently invested $50 Million dollars in content rich website

According to Bill Nash, CarMax president and CEO; Edmunds proprietary content, comprehensive automotive market insights and streamlined user experience across the car buying and selling journey will allow us to deepen our engagement with customers shopping online.

The addition of Edmunds content will make the CarMax site an even more formidable competitor to attract local consumers to dealer web sites like yours, so what can you do to compete?

As a professional you know what you need to do, and I'm sure you asked for and have been refused additional budget, but until now, content acquisition has been both expensive and difficult to obtain and incorporate into your site.

But now that has all changed. With your dealer's content subscription to The Auto Channel, you can support sales and service by adding your choice of Relevant used car reviews(1995-Current), Specs For All Used Cars 1997-2017, Product News, Brand News, this site enhancing professionally written editorial content will provide you with the tools to turbocharge your dealership's current and future digital efforts, at a can't say no price point.

The content subscription will allow you to take your dealer site "full-service" by adding relationship building content from The Auto Channel's main library an archive of hundreds of current, historic and evergreen automotive articles, updated every day content that can insure a competitive stickiness of your digital sales point, while expanding your dealership relationship with existing customers and shoppers.

For more than 25 years, The Auto Channel®, ( the Internet's original interactive editorial automotive web site has published what many agree is the web's best independent editorial automotive content, and now you can use all of it to make your site better.

Along with your choice of easy to embed textural content your subscription comes with rights to insert multi-language Video Reviews, here are three examples

Chinese - Mandarin

If you are interested in subscribing or have questions or comments please let me know.

Bob Gordon, President
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Special To The The Auto Channel
by , February 18, 2021

Consumers want value. But they also want brands to appeal to reach emotionally, according to The 2021 Guide to Building Customer Trust, a study by a Khoros.

Of the consumers polled, 46% prefer to buy from brands were they build a relationship beyond “just selling me something.” Another 26% seek more transactional companies “where they sell something and I buy it.” And 46% are neutral on the topic.

But there are different levels of loyalty. Here's what drives brand loyalty in general:

But there are different levels of loyalty. Here's what drives brand loyalty in general:

  • Good value for the money — 59%
  • Ability to trust the brand — 58% 
  • Best-quality product or service — 52%
  • Good customer service — 51%
  • Desire to recommend the brand to others — 46%
  • Brand is authentic and genuine in consumer interactions — 36% 

But deep loyalty is fueled by these factors:

  • Interacts consistently over time — 82% 
  • Able to resolve questions without a phone call — 80%
  • Feels human, rather than corporate — 80%
  • Seems authentic, not artificial — 79%
  • Makes my interactions feel personal — 76%
  • And how do customers define loyalty in terms of their own behavior?

    • Buying a product or service regularly — 76%
    • Using a brand for a long time — 68%
    • Recommending a brand to others — 61%
    • Feeling a deep emotional connection to a brand — 41%

    Here are the types of digital connections that drive deep connections and loyalty:

    • Shows personalized ads on social — 52%
    • Has an online community — 52%
    • Use social to share content you care about — 50%
    • Connects you with other customers with similar user expertise — 49%
    • Is active on multiple digital channels — 49%

    That last stat would apparently include email. And email marketers should note the elements that they should include in their copy. 

    AI can help brands generate loyalty. But it can also lead to negative experiences:

    • Usable to resolve issue — 56%
    • No option to speak to a human to resolve issues — 53%
    • Interaction felt robotic, not human — 47%
    • Lack of personalization and sophistication — 32%
    • Interaction lacked empathy — 30%