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Upcoming technologies in Mercedes 2021

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Submitted By Muhammad Waqas

Mercedes Benz needs no introduction as it is a giant auto manufacturing company. All their cars are the perfect combination of comfort and style. This company is introducing new cars (Sedans, SUV, etc) every year with the latest technologies. They are also working with their IT partners to offer more tech-savvy cars.

If we talk about the recent launch, the S-class model is introduced that is the combination of class and digitization. The landscape display, 12.8 inches touchscreen, MBUX layout, 3D dashboard, and new processors are worth mentioning. But, that’s not it as there is a lot more to come in 2021 and so on.

In this blog, we will discuss the upcoming car features that are going to launch in 2021. Also, you can buy any Mercedes car or book it from any Rent a car  company according to your stay duration.

Windshields technology


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HUDs were invented back just for fighter jets to protect information. The HUD technology has been added to some of the vehicles for quite some time now. But, Mercedes is working to take this technology to the next level by adding an AR (Augmented technology) system in their cars. Now, the drivers will be able to see green lines if the car is close to any sign or anything else.

Modern climate control technology

Many car manufacturers are already using climate control technology. But, Mercedes has introduced a new system that will warm the car much more quickly than any other car. The new Mercedes has a booster heater with 48-volt power to quickly warm the car from inside. You are also going to love the new fragrance system of Mercedes like the Cotton mood or bamboo mood. 

Biometrics technology

Today cars need to be more techy and smart as our phones and Mercedes are diving right into the biometrics concept to personalize the driving experience. The new Mercedes cars will allow you to use fingerprints, voice recognition, and other features. You can also use an instrument cluster to get your facial recognition done. To use the fingerprint feature, there is a sensor under the central touchscreen and your settings will be loaded up after verifying your details. You will also be able to access your setting by using a PIN code.

MBUX with Interior Assistant


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The user experience of Mercedes also enhances the driver experience. The drivers will be able to control the car using their voice control system. The movement detection system like hand gestures, etc will also be upgraded by using the AI concepts and intuitive light control system. These cars will also have an active suspension system to control damping forces for every wheel.

Driver assistance system

Mercedes future cars will be equipped with level 3 or 4 of autopilot mode. When the system is active, the driver can do other activities such as reading an email, texting someone, or receiving the client call. There is no need to touch the pedal or steering wheels as the car will be capable of driving itself. Along with driver assistance features, the driver monitoring system will also be introduced to keep a constant eye on the driver's head and eye movement. In case, the driver is sick and not responding to any car command, it will bring the vehicle to a stop and unlock car doors.

3D behind the wheel

The new digital dash cluster is added that provides additional dimensions while driving. The 3-dimensional technology tricks the eyes to see the elements in the cluster that are close or far from reality. There will also be 3D maps that stretch over the dashboard of the car providing the right directions to the drivers.

Advance lights technology


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Mercedes is recently using exotic lighting features in many cars to improve safety and comfort features. The concept of ambient lighting is also introduced by Mercedes and they are doing better than other companies. This light system works along with driver assistance features to improve car and driver safety. The light will adjust the climate control features, like red for hot temperature adjustment and blue for cool. The lights will be brighter than other Mercedes cars. Also, the lights are highly adjustable according to the situation.

Final thoughts

We have mentioned some of the upcoming technologies of Mercedes above. According to Mercedes, the lane centering, active steering assist, and adaptive cruise control will be improved in 2021. The pivotal lighting system in the interior of the car is also worth mentioning. Also, they have improved ambient lights in the S-class 2021 by increasing LED lights quality.

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