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Video of Amazing New Meltdown Ice Ball Press Goes Viral

AKRON, Ohio, Nov. 30, 2020 -- It's the dream of every new company to have a product video go viral and set off an ordering rampage. But, for Ohio-based, premium ice ball press maker, Meltdown, it didn't just happen once, it happened twice, and in just a matter of a few weeks. 

Like any new brand launching in the year of the pandemic, 2020 proved to be a challenge for Meltdown. But, Meltdown owners, the Steere family, including patriarch Bill, along with sons Brock and Brian, were in this for the long haul, and the rocky start allowed them time to continue product development.  

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It wasn't until later in the summer that they turned their ad agency, Scales, the agency known for building the YETI brand, loose to introduce Meltdown to the affluent drinker. 

One move was to sponsor the Bourbon Pursuit podcast. A few weeks into that sponsorship, Bourbon Pursuit partner, Kenny Coleman, decided to post the now famous Tik-Tok video of a Meltdown making an ice ball. Within hours, the video was seen by over 5,000 people. By the next morning, that number had skyrocketed to 3.1 million and the proverbial snowball was rolling down the hill. 

The Steeres were soon pulling out all stops to keep up with manufacturing and order fulfillment, and by the time the dust settled, over 10.3 million people had seen the video. 

One group that noticed was Gloss, a media company that curates the best in art, food and culture. They showed "Food Porn," an Australian-based concern for foodies who reposted the video on Facebook, and the second sales spike had begun. This early November post was seen by 29.7 million people. And that resulted in an Instagram post by celebrity Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. His post was viewed by 21.1 million people.

All told, by Thanksgiving, over 100 million people watched the viral video.  As for the Steeres, they are busy trying to deliver Meltdowns and are thankful for viral videos. They are sending special personalized Meltdowns to "Food Porn" and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. 

About Meltdown: A sphere is the optimal shape for the ice in your drink. An ice ball has 24% less surface area compared to the same volume of ice in cube form. Less surface area exposed to warm liquid means slower ice melt and less drink dilution without sacrificing chilling power. The coolest way to make ice balls is with a Meltdown Ice Ball Press.

Ice ball presses have become very popular. But if you've used one, you probably question their two-pin design. These pins can be difficult to line up, and because ice does not melt uniformly, this design can cause chattering. The pins are also susceptible to damage.   

Meltdown has no pins. The cover rides down grooves built into the base. This design makes it far easier to align and it is not prone to chattering or accidental damage. 

It takes about a minute to make a perfect sphere of ice in Meltdown. But it is worth the  wait as your guests can watch the meltwater cascading down the sides of Meltdown as the ice melts. It's mesmerizing and makes for a great conversation piece. 

There are three Meltdown models. All Meltdown Ice Ball Presses are proudly made in America. Meltdown can be engraved with your initials. 

To learn more, visit 

Contact info:
Brock Steere
[email protected] 

SOURCE Meltdown Ice Ball Press

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