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Consumer Reports Reviews 17 ADAS Systems - Buying A New Car? You Gotta Read This

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Consumer Reports wrote in an article titled: Cadillac's Super Cruise Outperforms Other Driving Assistance Systems; that you might have heard of Tesla’s active driving assistance suite, known as Autopilot, that can control the car’s steering and speed to assist the driver. What you might not know, however, is that most mainstream automakers now offer similar systems on their cars, and it’s quite likely that the next new vehicle you buy will be equipped with one.

To be clear, active driving assistance doesn’t make a car “self-driving,” but rather it’s intended to support the driver—a well-designed system can help relieve driver fatigue and stress, such as on long highway road trips or in stop-and-go traffic.

Lane keeping systems each can perform slightly differently, depending on the car company and model. For instance, some lane keeping systems only steer as the car leaves the lane, and others work to center the car within lane lines. But with all of them, the driver is still expected to be responsible for the primary task of driving the car. That’s why it’s important that the driver pays attention and that these systems—which are sometimes incorrectly referred to as “semi-autonomous”—are designed to make sure the driver stays engaged.