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My Case for Re-Electing Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump, center, with from left, Bahrain Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump, and United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan, Tuesday during the Abraham Accords signing ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. Associated Press

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Originally published October 10, 2020

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Marc Rauch

More than nine years ago, I wrote and published an editorial ruminating about Donald Trump as America's next president, it was titled "Can We Trump Obama to Save Our Economy?" My editorial described my transition from disinterest and dislike of Donald Trump to strong supporter.

As it turned out, Trump did not enter the run for the Republican nomination in 2012. Four years later, in 2015, he did announce his intention to run for the office of President of the United States of America. Since there was nothing in the intervening years between 2011 and 2015 that changed my mind about Trump, nor was anything of value accomplished during Obama's second term that caused me to re-think my view of Democrats as being jackasses (as identified by their official mascot), I supported Trump's decision.

Trump won the Republican nomination quite handily, defeating lots of challengers representing what the GOP considered their best and brightest. He also won the general election quite handily (against what Democrats considered their very best and brightest) according to the rules in the way that we elect a President in these here United States, which is the only measure that counts.

We are now at the end of Trump's first term. Trump made lots of promises during his 2016 campaign, and he has fulfilled a good many of them or they are on their way to completion. The country is very definitely better off in every way. Unfortunately, an event took place this year that has set back some of the achievements, but the event isn't of Trump's making, nor is it the making of America. The event is a world wide disease - Covid 19 - that has affected every country on Earth, including the country that started the disease: the Communist Camp of China. The jackasses, you know the Democrats, are trying to make it appear as if Trump's Administration is somehow responsible for some element of the negative effects, but they're jackasses so there's no ring of truth to it.

In the election before us, we have Trump, an accomplished businessman with a great string of political accomplishments versus the epitome of political corruption, Joe Biden. On top of Biden's unaccomplished life, he is now demented. The dementia probably stems from common old age symptoms of something like Alzheimer's Disease. The funny part about selecting Joe Biden to be their candidate for president is that it completely cancels the story that Democrats tried to tell for the last few decades: that they are the party of youthfulness, new ideas, robust and energetic action.

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It was bad enough when their front-runner was a crotchety old crooked washer woman in 2016; now they have a doddering, corrupt, sexual pervert and racist who is one trip away from an eternal dirt nap. The alternatives like Corey Boober, Pete Buttergag, Bozo O'Dork were all disasters; but at least they might have lived past the first couple of months if they were elected. The absurdness of considering Bernie Sandbag or Pocahontas isn't even really worthy of Saturday Night Live skit.

Critics of Donald Trump get worked up about his online tweets and what they think is his brusque New York mannerisms; they overlook that he delivered on his promises and that all Americans are better off today than they were during the Obama terms." I say that Trump's tweets aren't strong enough!

The following is my editorial from 2011. I reiterate everything I wrote then. The only difference is that we no longer have to guess what Donald Trump would do as President, we now know. I like what he did, I want more of it!

Can We Trump Obama to Save Our Economy?


By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

January 25, 2011: I happened to tune my car radio into Michael Savage's show yesterday afternoon - something I frequently do around my regular listening to Howard Stern - and heard a comment that riveted my attention. The comment was:

“…When oil prices go up nobody attacks OPEC, and the only reason I can think that could happen is because of the lobbyists, because the lobbyists are keeping their politicians nice and quiet.”

These were words spoken as if the speaker had been reading something that Bob Gordon (my partner in The Auto Channel) or I wrote for (Listen to the entire interview below)

Now, I’m enough of a Savage listener to know that the voice I was hearing wasn’t Savage’s. It sounded familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. Within a few more seconds I heard Michael refer to the caller as “Mr. Trump,” and it became obvious that he was talking to Donald Trump – Real estate mogul, business magnate, casino owner, television star, etc., etc.

Then the very next words spoken by Savage were: "Well, now, Mr. Trump has a website titled…” which was also obvious that it is a website that explores the possibility of Donald Trump running for President of the U.S. in 2012. I had heard a bit about this elsewhere, particularly from some knuckleheaded CNN pundit who recently declared that Donald Trump is “unelectable” for president.

To be honest, I’ve always had very mixed feelings about Trump, starting with perhaps the most ridiculous reason of all: When I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn and Queens we lived in two apartment complexes owned by the Lefrak Organization, rivals to the company built by Donald’s father, Fred Trump, who built “Trump Village” in Coney Island along with various other buildings throughout the city. While my father had absolutely nothing to do with either organization, I found that it engendered in me a competitive resentment; like the feeling you get of your high school versus a cross-town high school. And I guess that because I was always jealous of Trump’s father leaving his kids an estate worth a few hundred million dollars that I took the position that Donald’s business accomplishments were simply because he was given several hands up the proverbial ladder of success. After all, anyone who would marry that thing named Ivana couldn’t be ‘too swift’; as we used to say in Brooklyn (I remember watching a 60 Minutes episode many years ago when they brought Donald and Ivana to general public attention. She made me gag).

As the years passed, and we all learned more and more and more and more about “The Donald” and his assorted peccadilloes, some made me laugh, some cringe, some shrug my shoulders.

While I have never, ever, watched any of Trump’s “Apprentice” shows, nor have I ever had the interest to do so, I have enjoyed his guest appearances on Howard Stern’s radio show and David Letterman’s TV show. I also got great satisfaction from his public feud with celebutard Rosey O’Donnell, who is just another in the long list of Hollywood nitwits given national television bully pulpits to expound on their absurd opinions.

So, I’ve just been a rather disinterested observer about a fellow New York native.

But, and this is a big BUT, the one thing that I always had to give Trump credit for was that he never really ran afoul of the law or, as far as I know, was ever the subject of any financial misdeeds, a la Keating, Milken, and Madoff.

Of course, there’ll always be someone that will come forward to complain about how Trump took advantage of him/her in a deal, that’s only natural – remember even Macy’s has a Complaint Department. What I’m talking about are the kinds of complaints and investigations that have destroyed other high-profile wheeler-dealers: You know that there has to have been tons of hot-shot government prosecutors out there licking their lips over the prospect of taking him down. However, it hasn’t happened, despite Trump having gone through periods of financial trouble.

Therefore, to me, it sounds like he’s kept his nose pretty clean – almost too clean for someone to run for President!

Anyway, to get back to my main point and reason for writing this article, after listening to the remainder of the Savage-Trump interview, and then going online to Michael Savage’s website and spending $6 to buy the archive of the interview, so that I can listen to the entire session from the beginning, I have to say that I agree with everything that Trump said. I certainly love his position on OPEC and the bribes they are giving to our politicians; I love his position vis-à-vis the Chinese and our debt to them; I love his positions on trade with Mexico and South Korea; I love his strong support for U.S. military strength, while wondering why we haven’t been paid back by the various Arab oil producers for protecting and defending them; and I am in complete agreement that the Obama health care plan is a debacle.

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I’m particularly happy that Trump hasn’t permitted my rival jealousy to keep him from reading The Auto Channel’s editorials and agreeing with them.

But seriously, I know that people running for office shoot their mouths off and say all kinds of things that they have no intention of doing (for example Barack Obama’s energy policy position that he presented on August 3, 2008). However, Trump’s comments are a refreshing America First statement, without coming from some mentally disturbed skinhead Nazi freak whose life revolves around beating his wife and kids.

And my guess is that Donald would be very happy to show us all the birth certificate that proves he was born in New York, part of The United States of America.

People said that a black man with an Islamic name could never be elected president. Maybe a white man with a funny haircut, and loads of business experience, can be elected president, too. After all, this is the land of equal opportunity!

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