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5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Car While at University

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If you’re allowed to have a car on campus, you might be wondering if you should bring yours. But before making that decision, you have to gather information first. The most important fact you need to consider when faced with this decision is how big a positive impact can a vehicle make. To assess how your car will contribute positively to your college life, you need to see how it will benefit you. Let us help you with that.

Taking a break

College life can get boring and even stressful because of how demanding it can get and sometimes, students just need to unwind and recharge their mental batteries to cope. The best way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of college life is going on a nice long drive without thinking about responsibilities for a bit. A change of scenery has been found to be effective at lifting people’s moods and some researchers say driving away from a place that stresses you can be relieving. Researchers have found that listening to music while driving can help you relax as there’s a study that shows that drivers who listen to music have lower respiration rates.

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And if all of these long drives and thumping music distracts you, there is nothing to worry about your college study work. To remain on top of education goals, students can rely on homework by ca.edubirdie It’s a great online writing service that helps students with their thesis, essays, coursework and dissertations so you know which direction to head in when your assignment work is pending.

Midnight snack runs

If you’ve ever felt like getting a burger at 3 am and don’t have a car, you might be familiar with offering bribes to your friend who has one. Having a car will allow you to get your doughnut or taco anytime. You might get bribed with free food too to take others on fast food runs.

Taking your friends to food runs will also open an opportunity for you to make new memories together and have a good time. Having a car also means you can escape on your own and enjoy some alone time with your favorite meal if you aren’t that social.

Make money

Having a car can give your bank balance a boost as there are many services you could offer with it besides signing up on companies like Lyft and Uber . One of the services you can offer if you have a car is an errand service and do various tasks for people like grocery shopping and picking up parcels. If you have child care or caregiving experience, you can offer to pick up and drop off kids at school or take seniors to doctor’s appointments. For students who want to make money passively, renting out a car on apps like Turo is an option.

Better your career prospects

A car can help you a lot if you juggle college and work or internship as you can move around freely without being worried about missing public transport. Finding and keeping an internship can be crucial if your institution needs you to have one. Even if it’s not a prerequisite, an internship will make you more employable. Since having an internship will ready you for the professional world, it is important that you do not create a bad record for yourself by arriving late. A car can help you with this as you have more control over the routes you will use and determine the fastest one.

A cure for homesickness

Moving away from home to college can make you homesick as you have to start your life from scratch again in an unfamiliar environment. To ease feelings of missing home, you need to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings and visit places you like. This will be easier with a car. With a car, you can shop around easier, which will help you know where to buy stuff cheaper and help you know your new area better. When you have a car, you can visit your family anytime you want, even if it’s for one-day holidays or weekends.


Having a car in college has many real benefits that can make a student’s life better, such as lessening stress and providing a source of income. You can also enjoy a thriving social life as a student when you can go anywhere at any time with your friends and can visit family freely. Being punctual at school and work is important too and having your own vehicle lessens your chances of being late.

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Robert Everett works for a tech company as the lead engineer and as a part-time academic writer for an online assignment agency in technology subjects. His work is outstanding and students from all major universities entrust him with their work. In his free time, he loves writing short stories, reading novels and playing tennis.