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Would You Give A Used Car Salesman All Of Your Personal Data? Well, You Are!


Used Car Dealer Or Personal Data Sucker

Would you knowingly allow a stranger to acquire your personal data; Date of Birth, Home Address, Home Value, Your Telephone Numbers, the Year, Make and Model of the cars you own and drive, how long you have owned it, its maintenance records, your driving record, your work address, work phone number, your family info, credit information and more...then allow that stranger to use, share or sell your previously secret data to anyone they wish to?

I'm sure that any sane person would not allow this to happen but, all or some of the above AUTOMATICALLY happens when in the course of your trying to find out what an online used car dealer will pay you to purchase your used car.

Being the first automotive research web site The Auto Channel endorses doing research online, but strongly disagrees that any web site has the right to suck your data and then use it as they wish.

Your information is sacred, valuable, difficult to obtain and expensive to buy, that is why used car sites collect and keep your data and then sell it to the highest bidder, so even if you don't do business with them they are making money from your information.

Judging by the lack of profit that these online used car dealer companies are reporting, Wall Street's multiple Billion Dollar valuations for these companies are not because of their potential profit from used car buying and selling, but for the value of your data they scammed from you.

Your data when aggregated with others will allow the data suckers to accurately compile lists of every owner of every make car, in your zip-code or in every zip-code in the USA, plus their owners previously secret personal info.

The truth is that if you want to find out what the wholesale value of your car is, while not giving away the family jewels, just drive over to a real used car dealer, one who has a building, has no delivery costs, no lead-gen comissions and contributes to your local community. I'm sure you will find that your car is actually worth a little more to a local dealer than it is to some online data sucker.

FYI here is a list of some online used car buyers linked to their privacy!

NOTE: To see what a real valuation is, watch similar vehicles for sale on Ebay motors...what they sell for is the actual valuation.

Editor's Note: In today's auto marketplace your trade-in is the most valuable piece in the new car purchase transaction, so don't let anyone steal it from you. Trade-ins are where the real profit in new car sales comes from.

I'm sure you noticed that there are more and more TV commercials for national used car dealers like CarMax, Carvana, Vroom, AutoNation, Car Guru and others, all promise you that they will quickly buy your car for cash and some promise to pick it up the same day no matter where you live.

Why? Because there is meaningful profit in trade-ins, if there wasn't they wouldn't be working so hard and spending so much to convince you to sell your used car to them.

Today when buying a new car the energetic new car buyer has real leverage to lower their new car cost, by getting more for their trade.

Before you accept what your new car dealer will pay you for your trade research it's actual value by spending the time to get real buy offers from the aforementioned used car when you buy you will actually strong and have fun!