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EV Motoring: World First Evolvable Super SUV, HiPhi X on Sale for RMB 680,000 Yuan ($99,651)

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In producing a mass-market vehicle with all the cutting-edge technologies usually reserved for R&D labs, the team at Human Horizons has faced a number of great challenges. Aside from simply putting pieces together, they have also focused on safety measures, user experience, and visual aesthetics. Led by the three guiding principles of 'design defined by scenarios, vehicle defined by software, and value defined by co-creation', the HiPhi X is a combination of sophisticated software, intelligent hardware, and elegant design. Built to be used together, this relationship is comparable to how smartphones replaced the previous generations of mobile phones.

Founder of Human Horizons and HiPhi, Ding Lei stated: "Faced with great changes in the automotive industry driven by new technologies such as the Internet, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and 5G communications, we at Human Horizons have built HiPhi. By acting in accordance with our three guiding principles, we hope to explore the future of transportation along with our dedicated customers. HiPhi is designed for pioneers, people who seek the freedom to create and explore new things. People who have a core belief to want more and who will continuously strive to achieve more by pushing the limits of human capability. With these people in mind, we have already surpassed the traditional car manufacturing mind-set and have anchored our thinking on three new dimensions to design the vehicles of tomorrow: HUA ('H' Performance Intelligence, 'U' V2X Collaboration and 'A' Connectivity and Sharing). We are committed to combining the experience of a luxury brand with new technologies under the term TECHLUXE®, and to build HiPhi X into a game-changer in the world of smart electric cars."

In terms of specific functionality, the HiPhi X truly is a world-leader in innovation; the vehicle features:

- World-first mass-produced secure, developer-enabled HOA electrical architecture on a production vehicle
- World-first touch-free, door-handle-free production vehicle
- World-first production vehicle with touch-free, facial recognition entry
- World-first production vehicle equipped with ISD (Intelligent Signal Display)
- World leading safety technology in remote battery management
- World-first smart vehicle to utilize graphical programming interface
- World-first production vehicle with customizable immersive cockpit
- World-first production vehicle with AI creation capability – poetry, paintings, and music
- World-first production car with multi-functional Touch-Pad steering wheel
- World-first Level 4 Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP) system on a production vehicle
- World-first 5G-V2X technology equipped on a production vehicle

The HiPhi X rejects the notion of having to choose between either performance or comfort by providing both. A super-long wheelbase minimizes the space occupied by the powertrain and maximizes the amount of space for occupants. The result is a large vehicle with dimensions of 5.2m / 2.62m / 1.618m but with an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.27Cd. The car also features two 220 kW motors positioned on the front and rear axle, allowing it to accelerate from 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds. The large-capacity 97 kW hour battery, CrossLoop energy management, and cloud battery management system combine to achieve the perfect balance of energy, battery life, safety, and comfort.

Despite its size, the SUV is extremely nimble as the rear-wheel steering allows for a 10° swing in either direction. This means the 5.2m long HiPhi X has a turning radius of 11.6 m, comparable to that of a small car. Also, with a range of 550km (Founders Edition) or 630km (Extended Range), it can meet the needs of any driving condition; from use in urban areas, rural inter-city travel, high-speeds, or low-temperatures, this supercar can handle it all.

Away from hardware, the HiPhi X boasts some of the world's most sophisticated in-vehicle software functionality. Starting with the HiPhi Pilot, this in-built system allows passengers to experience Level 3 autonomous driving and is the first production model to be equipped with this technology in China. The HiPhi Pilot can take control of six important driving systems in the vehicle: perception of surroundings, information monitoring, braking, power, steering, and distance calculation. The system is safe and reliable, allowing drivers to take their hands, foot, and eyes away from the road without concern.

Parking has also been automated with the world's first Level 4 Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP) system built into a production vehicle. The AVP technology works by using fixed sensory equipment of lasers, radar and communications devices to automatically navigate supported parking garages, park the vehicle safely and then summon the vehicle when required.

Perhaps one of the most talked-about features of the HiPhi X is the unique wing door design or ''NT Doors''. Opening either up or out, the doors are completely touch-free and can be unlocked by facial recognition software. Passengers have many option of how to open their smart-doors providing more versatility and convenience than standard, spacious SUVs.

Inside, drivers are greeted by a state-of-the-art UX display system supported by a Microsoft-engineered AI-assistant, HiPhiGo, and a TouchPad multi-function steering wheel. Equipped with 5G-V2X technology and featuring a world-best in-car data transmission bandwidth, the HiPhi X continuously monitors itself and its surroundings using more than 562 in-built sensors and adapts with over-the-air updates. As with everything in the car, these features are developed specifically for use in this vehicle and work together harmoniously to create a complete experience.

Towards the end of 2020, the HiPhi X will be produced in small volumes and will be officially released to the market in 2021. It will be a truly unique user experience underpinned by "design defined by scenarios, vehicle defined by software, and value defined by co-creation". The HiPhi X is built for pioneers around the world who want to be a part of this hi-tech revolution.

About the HiPhi Brand

HiPhi is a premium brand created by Human Horizons and enhanced by its users. HiPhi X is an EV with a lightweight hybrid- aluminum construction. It also embeds sustainability with the adoption of vegan leather and the use of recyclable materials to further increase the sustainable nature of Human Horizons' EV products.

About Human Horizons

Human Horizons is established for R&D in innovative and leading intelligent mobility technologies as well as the industrialisation of future-oriented smart vehicles. Furthermore, Human Horizons builds smart transportation technologies and contributes to the development of smart cities, which will redefine human mobility.