RABAT, Morocco--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence (IMIS) (www.imis.ma) released on Monday September 7, a Policy Paper that includes a value chain analysis of Morocco’s automotive industry. Conducted by Hafsa El Bekri, IMIS expert; teacher/researcher in Global Economics, and Hicham Sebti, Professor/ Researcher in Management, the paper focuses on analyzing the position of the Moroccan automotive sector within the global value chains in the automotive industry; identifying the local links controlled by the kingdom and missing links, as well as the regional relocation opportunities that are increasingly being considered in the Post Covid-19 scenario.

According to the analysis’ authors, the highly globalized automotive industry is expected to undergo an overhaul of its value chains due to the severe impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. In the current economic situation, key automotive manufacturers in Europe could consider regional relocations from Asia to the Mediterranean basin countries, such as Morocco and Egypt, to shorten supply chain routes.

Globally, the industry is witnessing a redeployment of production capacity and a shift in added value to emerging countries. However, experts believe that the current crisis presents exciting new opportunities for development for the Moroccan automotive industry.

The automotive sector grew to become Morocco’s leading sector in 2014 and is racing ahead at full speed. In 2019, it accounted for 83.4% of total production in North Africa, rightfully positioning the kingdom as the second largest producer of motor vehicles and the largest producer of tourist vehicles on the African continent.

Following a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of the Moroccan automotive industry, the authors proposed several key measures to increase Morocco's share of the global automotive production, notably diversifying export markets, digital transformation, enhancing technical skills and abilities of SMEs, boosting local skills, and creating synergies with other industry players, such as the aviation industry.

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The Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence (IMIS) is a Think-Tank dedicated to the study of the strategic issues of Morocco. The Institute publishes reference works on the country, including “A Moroccan Path: 1999-2019 Journey of a Kingdom in Transformation”, “Strategic Morocco”, or “A Moroccan Ambition”.

Download the Analysis: https://imis.ma/la-chaine-de-valeur-du-secteur-automobile-au-maroc-en-perspective-post-crise-covid-19%E2%80%8B/

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