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What's the Best Way to Revitalize the U.S. Economy? Make Computers Here Again, Says IT Company, PlanetMagpie

GRAPEVINE, Texas, Sept. 3, 2020 -- Everything's made in China. Including the device you're holding. That's just the way it is, right? Wrong.

Decades of moving technology manufacturing offshore stands poised for a reversal. Higher overseas costs, the COVID-19 pandemic's supply chain delays, security concerns, and broad national sentiment have hollowed out the reasons we outsourced our manufacturing to China and other countries.

One IT company believes "reshoring" – bringing the manufacturing of technology hardware back – will revitalize the economy.

PlanetMagpie is a 20-year-old IT consultancy operating in Silicon Valley and Dallas-Fort Worth. Robert Douglas, the company's Owner and President, saw opportunity in the problems the lockdown caused the IT world.

"What America needs right now is a 'big goal.' Something to drive action in our economy, spur job growth, and put us back on track. We have an opportunity like that in front of us."
-Robert Douglas, PlanetMagpie

To prove it, the company published, "A Call to America: Let's Return Tech Manufacturing to the U.S." – a report with evidence to support a nationwide reshoring effort. They published this report on their website, and sent copies to government officials & tech influencers.

Reshoring is not a new topic. The nonprofit Reshoring Initiative ( has advocated this for 10 years. Others have joined them on manufacturing industries, like Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz recently sponsored the BEAT CHINA Act to return manufacturing of critical pharmaceuticals to the U.S. after the pandemic disrupted supplies from China.

PlanetMagpie seeks to add computers & network equipment to the list.

"…Thanks to COVID-19 and the worldwide supply shock it created, we can see how over-dependent the U.S. economy has become on Chinese goods. We don't have to be, though. We can take this opportunity to repair our economy, and make America stronger and more secure.

"How? By returning tech manufacturing to the U.S."

-From the report, "A Call to America: Let's Return Tech Manufacturing to the U.S."

The report includes:

  • 7 ways to make "Reshoring" affordable, more efficient, and welcomed by the public
  • 10 direct economic benefits, from local to national levels
  • Proof that outsourcing to China hurts American citizens
  • 6 action steps everyone can take to encourage the reshoring process

You can download the "Call to Reshore" report at:

Doreyne Douglas, Vice President
[email protected]

SOURCE PlanetMagpie

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