LOS ANGELES--Westlake Financial (Westlake) is excited to announce the roll-out of its Auto Lease Program. Auto leasing will launch with Franchise Dealers in California and Arizona and expand into more markets throughout 2020.

“Our goal is to offer full-spectrum finance solutions to our dealer partners,” stated Ian Anderson, Group President for Westlake Holdings. “Adding auto leasing to our product mix gives dealers another tool to help them finance more customers and sell more vehicles.”

Franchise Dealers will receive automated approvals on lease applications submitted through RouteOne. For more information on our Auto Lease Program, visit www.westlakefinancial.com/auto-lease-program.

“With Westlake’s auto leasing program, we are looking to strategically offer leasing in markets where we currently do not have credit union coverage,” Ken Sopp, president of CULA, states. Westlake Financial purchased Credit Union Leasing of America (CULA) in 2017. CULA currently holds more than 85,000 prime credit leases.

Westlake Financial, a subsidiary of Westlake Technology Holdings, is an indirect auto finance company with a network of dealerships nationwide. Dealers interested in signing up with Westlake Financial are invited to contact Westlake directly at 1.888.893.7937 or online at www.westlakefinancial.com.

About Westlake Technology Holdings: Westlake Technology Holdings is an auto and finance technology company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with approximately $10.58 billion in assets under management. Westlake Financial originates indirect automotive retail installment contracts through a nationwide network of new and used automotive and Powersports dealers. Westlake also offers loan portfolio purchasing, and credit facilities through Westlake Capital Finance, Floor plan lines of credit are provided through their Westlake Flooring Services division; www.WestlakeFlooringServices.com, shared cash flow auto lending through Westlake’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Western Funding, Inc. a Nevada Based auto lender, and indirect automotive leasing for credit unions through Credit Union Leasing of America (CULA), is a subsidiary of Westlake, dealers leads and direct-to-consumer auto loans through Westlake Direct, direct to consumer title loans and personal loans through Westlake’s wholly-owned subsidiary LoanCenter; www.loancenter.com, and portfolio servicing through Westlake Portfolio Management, wpmservicing.com.