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4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Sports Car

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A sports car is more than just a mode of transportation, it’s an extension of oneself, the ultimate toy and more of a luxury item than a necessity.

But there is a few things you should consider before buying a sports car. Read on, as we discuss 5 things to consider before buying a sports car.

Does a sports car fit in with your lifestyle?

Sports cars are engineered to a high degree; they offer superior performance and driving experience. And of course, as we all know, luxury vehicles are very pleasing to the eye. But whether the car you choose fits in with your lifestyle is an important question.

You need to consider several questions:

Do you live in a region with pronounced winters accompanied by icy roads? Most sports cars are rear-wheel drives, therefore, driving them on icy roads can be tricky.

Do you have a large family and you need to transport several family members regularly from one place to the other? Quite a few sports cars don’t offer that kind of room.

If you carry a lot of luggage regularly, then sports cars won’t be very practical. If you love travelling with your family, then sports cars aren’t your best bet.

Do you live in a quiet neighbourhood? Sports cars tend to be loud. You might attract plenty of attention, and some of it might not be welcome!

Do you often drive over rough surfaces? Alternatively, are there many speed bumps on the route you normally use? Remember that sports cars have low ground clearance, which isn’t the best for such roads.

If you plan to use your new sports car as your primary vehicle, then the above questions become quite important. The initial excitement of driving a sports car might taper off soon, therefore, think through how a sports car might impact your lifestyle.

How will buying a sports car impact your finances?

Since they involve superior engineering, highly aesthetic design, and rigorous testing, sports cars are expensive. You might have saved up enough to pay for it fully upfront, which means that you have planned for it well ahead of time. If you need to take out a loan, then keep in mind that the EMI for a sports car loan can make an impact on your finances. You need to pay higher for the insurance too since auto insurers charge notably higher for sports cars.

What impacts will the running costs of a sports car have on your finances?

Maintaining a sports car isn’t cheap. You can save some money by following some essential car maintenance tips and doing some of the maintenance yourself, but overall running a performance vehicle is heavy on the pockets.

Most components of a performance vehicle are more expensive when compared with more common vehicles. Specialized sports car mechanics are also comparatively more expensive than standard. Tires for sports cars cost more than those of normal cars, McLaren, for example, charges $47,000 for a tire change!

The insurance cost of a sports car is higher during its life too. You can expect your overall running costs to go up.

Are you able to drive manual transmission?

Remember that many sports cars have manual transmission. Manual transmission is certainly fun to use, however, it requires some time to get used to. If you have only driven automatic transmission vehicles so far, you need to spend some time learning how to use a manual transmission.

Do you want a performance even higher than what sports cars normally deliver? In that case, you might plan several upgrades like installing an aftermarket exhaust. Planning for these performance modifications requires plenty of time.

You need to take your car to technicians that really know the model and make of your sports car very well. You can expect to commit plenty of time over the long run. Analyze whether you can spare that time out of your busy schedule.


Daniel is an avid car enthusiast, with a growing passion for track racing. Since he was young he has been around performance vehicles and his supercharged love for sports cars has led him to writing for a number of Automotive blogs. He is now sharing his auto knowledge about Euro Car Upgrades by EMS"