BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Volume demand for solid state (or “digital”) instrument clusters will nearly quadruple from 11.6 million in 2019 to 41.4 million units by 2024. The latest report “Automotive Instrument Clusters: Moving Towards Cockpit Integration and 3D Displays,” from the Strategy Analytics Powertrain, Body, Safety & Chassis Service (PBCS) service, predicts that centralized vehicle architectures will provide the processing and memory overhead necessary to integrate cockpit functions and generate the high resolution displays expected by today’s consumers.

CDCs (Cockpit Domain Controllers) will further add growth in solid state clusters in the mid-term. With economies of scale, larger display panels will also see demand shift from low-end to high-end hybrid systems, which continue to use conventional gauges. The requirement to display more information in the cluster and the increasing demand for reconfigurable cluster displays will mean increasing market opportunities for graphics and user interface software, as well as for operating systems, hypervisors and virtual machines. There will also be opportunities for three-dimensional display technologies, to enhance the user experience and make ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) alerts more prominent, while not distracting the driving task of the driver.

However, Kevin Mak, principal analyst in the Global Automotive Practice (GAP), provided some exceptions to the trends. “Cockpit design is still driven by consumer taste and not all consumers are comfortable with the single display panel cluster. Rugged designs for pick-up trucks and the continual use of traditional gauges by Japanese auto makers show that there is still life in the hybrid cluster for many years to come.”


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