CHEVY CHASE, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GEICO wants to help you build confidence in your riding ability so that you can make motorcycling a lifelong hobby. Don’t just jump on any bike, especially if you are a new rider. When shopping for a motorcycle, find one that properly fits your height and ability, and do not let someone persuade you to ride something you cannot handle by arguing that you will outgrow a smaller one in a year.

Keep these tips in mind:

Ergonomics – When sizing up a bike, consider everything: bar height and length, seat width and height, and your ability to reach hand and foot controls comfortably. On sport bikes, you are pitched forward, putting more weight on your hands and wrists. On cruisers, your weight is more on your lower back. For new riders, both feet on the ground is a must. Comfortably controlling your bike in a parking lot or at a stoplight will allow you to focus more on riding and less on stabilizing your motorcycle.

Bike weight – A bike’s weight is a significant factor for beginners when maneuvering around parking areas and driveways. Should the bike tip over, you will have to be able to pick it up. Experience will give you the confidence to handle a heavier machine.

Motor size – A slip of the clutch and too much throttle can be a problem for any size of bike. You may want to consider a less aggressive motor until you’re confident in your ability. Remember, the higher the CC, the more horsepower and weight the bike will have.

Any experienced rider will tell you that going fast is easy, but the ability to ride slow and in control is what makes you a better rider. Safety is paramount – especially when you are exposed to the elements. Click this link for riding safety tips. For a free rate quote on a 12-month policy, log onto GEICO policyholders who need to report a loss can use GEICO Mobile, GEICO’s Claims Center, or call (800) 841-3000 24 hours a day.


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