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CoronaVirus Siginals End Of Sharing Society


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These few ideas were on my shorthand list...please send your suggestions to me and I will add to this page.

The results from this weeks Chinese snake gut virus and the next virus and next virus, will take our society back to the days of personal isolationism to prevent the spread of incurable diseases to your family by "strangers".

Here is my quick list of "Pre-Corona" shared lifestyle elements...and those we will never see again in the Post-Corona personal isolationist no-share world we are entering.

Say Buh-Bye To:

  • Buses, Trolleys, Subways, Mass Transit, Cruises, Airplane Travel,
  • Taxi's, Uber, Lyft and every other "shared" vehicle schemes,
  • Airbnb
  • Hotel Stays, Bed and Breakfast
  • Fashion Rental, Tuxedo Rental,
  • Crowd Filled Events: Conventions, Weddings, Large Extended Family Celebrations, Sports, Concerts,
  • Supermarkets, retailers, shopping centers (unless they all take an example from Israel and monitor and screen EVERYONE that enters EVERYONE!!!
  • Going Out To Fast Food
  • Upside; Personal Space and Health Care Focus"

  • Personal space will once again become so important that we will all physically defend it and fight to the death for it for it.
  • Personal vehicles, Large SUV's,6 Seat Sedans, Sanitizing Car-washes, Anti-viral air filters in car
  • Faster larger computers and monitors
  • Increased virtual entertainment options (From the comfort and safety of your own home)
  • Work-from-home-real estate options (no More need to have an expensive short commute to the offices as everyone will be able to walk to work)
  • Timely delivery services for EVERYTHING...product comes wrapped in sterile germ proof packaging.