DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) is launching the long-envisioned Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame at 6 pm on April 1, during its annual Preview Gala that officially kicks off the Denver Auto Show. Fifty iconic dealers will comprise the inaugural group that will be inducted during a special dinner and ceremony that evening.

“The Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame’s mission is to honor decades of innovation, influence and enduring contributions by Colorado dealers to the automotive industry and communities throughout Colorado,” says Tim Jackson, CEO/president of CADA. “Through the Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame, we honor the industry -- past and present -- and tell the stories of those who have played significant roles in Colorado since 1970.”

The genesis of the Hall is the TIME Dealer of the Year Award, presented each year at the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) trade show. All 50 states participate and annually nominate dealer executives who have exemplary dealerships and perform distinguished community service. Every year since 1970, a Colorado TIME Dealer of the Year has been named. The Colorado dealers named since then, one each year for 50 years, comprise the inaugural group of honorees who will become the first inductees in the Hall on April 1.

“Being inducted into the Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame is a true mark of excellence,” says Anthony Brownlee, 2020 chairman of the Hall. “This first group of inductees represents household names from throughout Colorado who are an inspiration to us all.”

Americans have been in love with the automobile for decades. This single idea has been a central premise of transportation policy, pop culture and national history for more than a century. It animates how we think about designing the world around us, our self-image and how we increasingly view our future. All of this makes for stories that are the most powerful tools in the world. The phenomenon of sports cars, weekend cars and collector cars is real. So, too is the allure of road trips, scenic highways or weekend drives through the country. Cars represent strength, adventure and sex appeal.

“Access to cars comes through the all-important dealer, embedded in a community as a trustworthy provider of vehicles and service,” says Jackson. “For decades, Colorado dealers have served their communities, knowing that cars affect the lives of their customers and families rely on dependable cars.”

The inaugural group of inductees into the Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame will be announced March 2. For more information about tickets to attend the Preview Gala and Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame, go to

About the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association

Headquartered in Denver, CADA represents 260 new car and truck dealers throughout Colorado and advocates for issues important to the industry, including the state’s goal of reducing vehicle emissions. CADA also provides intellectual leadership on industry issues before the public, the Colorado General Assembly, various state and federal regulatory agencies, city councils, the United States Congress and news media.

CADA will curate and manage the Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame. For more information, visit or


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