LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AllGo is excited to announce its partnership with Access Europe in bringing premium content to the car through the integration of Access Twine™ for Car system with AllGo NextGen RACE Media Engine.

As cars are becoming more connected and autonomous, there is a need to consume online media content in the car, either individually or together. AllGo NextGen Media Engine addresses it by providing playback of protected content through key DRM technologies such as Widevine and secure distribution of content across other displays using HDCP in a synchronous manner over multiple transports such as Ethernet, AVB and WiFi.

This partnership with Access Europe helps provide end to end solution to OEM & Tier 1s by bringing the premium digital content from leading content providers and leading media platform providers. This integrated solution helps minimize the implementation complexity for the OEMs and provides a rich user experience to the end customer.

AllGo will showcase NextGen RACE Media Engine at CES 2020, Westgate Hospitality Suite, #473, Las Vegas from 7th of January to 10th.

“We are very excited to be demonstrating with AllGo at CES,” said Dr. Neale Foster, CEO, ACCESS Europe GmbH. “AllGo is one of the leading players in developing special features in the IVI space and a perfect partner for our latest Twine™ for Car 3.0 system, which brings an app store, top streaming services and premium content to the car. Through this demo visitors to CES will be able to experience the next step in car travel and see an intuitive, feature-rich user interface combined with some of the greatest entertainment available today.”

“ACCESS Europe’s offerings are perfect complement to AllGo’s solutions in addressing the needs of future infotainment systems,” says Dr. Nirmal Kumar Sancheti, CEO, AllGo Embedded Systems. “We are happy to showcase Access Europe’s Twine for Car system integrated with our NextGen Race Media Engine at CES2020 to our customers.”

About AllGo: AllGo is a leading product design company providing automotive software solutions for OEM’s and Tier’s worldwide. AllGo licenses Multimedia, Mirroring, Driver Monitoring and Ethernet solutions to automotive customers along with turnkey services and certification support. AllGo has global presence across US, Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea Website:


Vikas Shukla, Director Business Development and Marketing