SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cepton Technologies Inc., a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree, will be exhibiting at CES 2020 at Westgate booth # 2501 to demonstrate its state-of-the-art lidar solutions that are enabling advanced autonomy, safety and intelligent perception across a range of markets. During this event, Cepton will showcase its popular Vista™ and Sora™ lidar sensors as well as the groundbreaking Helius™ Smart Lidar system, which has won the CES 2020 Innovation Awards in two categories: “Smart Cities” and “Tech for a Better World”.

Cepton is also pleased to feature multimarket collaborations aimed at advancing the state-of-the-art in 3D perception, in markets such as autonomous vehicles, ADAS, smart cities / intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and more. Several Cepton booth partners will showcase how their collaborations with Cepton are enabling next-generation solutions across these markets.

Cepton Product Innovation

Cepton’s lidar solutions are built upon the company’s patented, foundational MMT™ architecture, which is frictionless, rotation-free and mirrorless, and enables high performance, reliability, and high-volume manufacturability. During CES 2020, Cepton will showcase key products, including:

  • Vista: Best-in-class lidar solutions delivering an exceptional combination of performance, reliability and affordability with compact, embeddable designs that enable seamless integration into a wide range of autonomous systems
  • Sora: A revolutionary 380 Hz frame rate lidar solution that features an unparalleled 1140 scan lines per second, enabling accurate high-resolution profiling of objects moving at highway speeds, making it ideal for road tolling, container scanning and other similar automated applications
  • Helius: A highly innovative combination of lidar technology, edge computing and advanced lidar perception software to deliver real-time object detection, tracking, classification and velocity, making it an ideal solution for a range of applications such as smart cities/ITS, security, crowd analytics and more

Cepton’s Technology at Koito’s Booth

Cepton’s technology will also be displayed at the booth of automotive Tier 1 and world-leading provider of automotive lighting systems, Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (“Koito”). Koito, along with its subsidiary, North American Lighting, Inc. (“NAL”) that is the leading supplier of automotive lighting systems in North America, will exhibit at LVCC, North Hall booth #5220.

Cepton’s CES Booth Partners

At Cepton’s booth, several other companies will showcase their innovative solutions, including those developed in collaboration with Cepton:

  • Dataspeed: Dataspeed provides complete autonomous R&D vehicle integration solutions, including drive-by-wire kits, that enable companies to get up and running quickly on their algorithm, sensor, or data research activities. In May 2019, Cepton and Dataspeed announced a partnership to offer seamless integrations of Cepton’s compact lidars in autonomous vehicles. This innovative partnership and collaborative vehicle integration won the Autonomous Vehicle Technology ACES 2020 Award in the Autonomy/Sensors category.
  • Kudan: Kudan delivers fast, robust and accurate localization and mapping solutions based on lidar and camera image data. Their proprietary approach helps reduce drift and resulting blur in 3D maps caused by high-speed movement. Able to run without a GPU or accelerator, Kudan’s software does not require pre- and post- processing to generate significantly lighter (>300x) maps than raw lidar data. Kudan and Cepton are collaborating to bring significant benefits to autonomous systems and robots by reducing hardware costs (up to $50K USD) and improving productivity (up to 2X).
  • May Mobility: By developing and deploying autonomous shuttles, May Mobility is transforming cities through autonomous technology to create a safer, greener, more accessible world. Using advanced autonomous perception and control software and Cepton’s lidars, May Mobility is the only enterprise autonomous transportation company providing daily transit services, currently serving public and private customers in major metropolitan areas.
  • Wideye: Wideye is a dedicated entity of AGC, a world-leading supplier of flat, automotive and display glass, as well as chemicals and other high-tech materials and components. Wideye aims to be a global lidar integrator by working with industry leaders like Cepton to enable lidar integration all around the vehicle – behind windshields, glass trims, side- and backlites, sunroofs and any other place fitted with a glass cover. Wideye will showcase its innovative, infrared (IR) transparent glass solution that enables the seamless integration of Cepton’s compact Vista lidars behind automotive windshields.
  • MechaSpin: MechaSpin is an industry leading lidar systems integrator focused on deploying innovative perception solutions for a range of applications using 3D lidar technology. MechaSpin’s MSx Processing Engine enables real-time solutions to challenging machine perception, classification and object recognition problems. Using Cepton's state-of-the-art lidar sensors, MechaSpin is deploying lidar-based solutions for road tolling and other applications.
  • MH Corbin: MH Corbin is a prominent manufacturer and distributor of highway safety and traffic management products. MH Corbin’s CONNECT:ITS can be integrated with Cepton’s lidars to deliver an easy to use, scalable and low power advanced roadside information system to monitor and respond to roadway conditions in real time. This system can be used for communicating warnings to drivers about road ice, low visibility and wrong way driving, among other use cases.
  • INIT: As a leading, worldwide supplier of integrated intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and ticketing systems for buses, light rail and trains, INIT has been assisting transportation companies in making public transit more attractive, faster and more efficient for more than 35 years. Through a joint effort with Cepton, INIT is currently developing a smart platform solution for railway stations to provide greater security to boarding and disembarking passengers.

Cepton will also feature the following 30-minute presentation sessions by our booth partners during CES. These sessions are open to customers and media:

  • Jan 7, 3:00 pm PT: Dataspeed
  • Jan 8, 1:30 pm PT: Wideye/AGC
  • Jan 8, 3:30 pm PT: Kudan
  • Jan 9, 11:00 am PT: MechaSpin

Additionally, Cepton’s booth will feature a May Mobility self-driving shuttle hosted by May Mobility representatives, where you can learn more about their solutions and how Cepton is enabling their vision of autonomous transportation.

Booth Location

To learn more about how Cepton is revolutionizing autonomy, safety and intelligent 3D perception, join us at Westgate booth #2501, at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. To schedule a media briefing or interview on site, please contact us at

About Cepton Technologies, Inc.

Cepton provides state-of-the-art, intelligent, lidar-based solutions for a range of markets such as autonomous driving, ADAS, intelligent traffic systems, security, crowd analytics, and industrial robotics. Cepton’s patented MMT™-based lidar technology enables reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions that deliver long range, high resolution 3D perception for smart applications.

Founded in 2016 and led by industry veterans with over two decades of collective experience across a wide range of advanced lidar and imaging technologies, Cepton is focused on the mass market commercialization of high performance, high quality lidar solutions. Cepton is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. It also has registered offices in Germany, Canada and UK and a fast growing, global customer base.


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