LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CES 2020 - HARMAN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, today launched the HARMAN ExP Integrated Solution Suite, which creates comprehensive connected driving solutions by bundling core technologies into one unified offering. These solutions enable cohesive vehicle experiences - not just one-off driving features - to deliver seamless connectivity and make time in the car time well spent.

HARMAN ExP solutions will feature a specially-curated collection of connected car, audio and service technologies to create experiences that deliver specific driver benefits, such as well-being, enjoyment, social connection, accomplishment and more.

“Instead of just creating technologies for a vehicle, we’re designing experiences for drivers and passengers,” said Dinesh Paliwal, HARMAN president and CEO. “With the HARMAN ExP Integrated Solution Suite, we are helping OEMs create consumer-centric driving experiences by skillfully developing customized technology bundles that meet virtually any need. By building with the end-user experience in mind from the start, we will deliver on consumer expectations today – while ensuring OEMs make strategic and future-ready technological investments for tomorrow.”

In addition to its collection of connected vehicle and audio solutions, HARMAN will leverage expertise from its uniquely blended heritage in automotive and technology, the company’s diverse and strategic partnerships and its understanding of consumer experience to design customized HARMAN ExP solutions for OEMs. By taking an experience-driven approach instead of focusing solely on individual technologies, automotive manufacturers will benefit from advanced personalization and technological synergies - while drivers will enjoy a connected experience built purposefully for their needs.

At CES 2020, HARMAN will display the following HARMAN ExP bundle packages as examples to demonstrate how OEMs can partner with HARMAN to bring connected experiences to life in the vehicle:

Advanced Driver Assistance Bundle

By blending cloud, ADAS and telematics technologies, HARMAN will demonstrate a bundled solution that delivers enhanced awareness to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe, while ensuring those in the vehicle can still stay connected to what matters. This solution features awareness technologies like Blind Spot Warning, Directional Sound Steering and the new Vehicle-to-Pedestrian ADAS use case - which forewarns drivers and pedestrians to potential safety conflicts through the use of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology and 5G-fueled networks. To deliver a complete safety experience, this bundle features assistance technologies like Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) integration through the HARMAN Ignite Marketplace which also enables voice messaging, navigation, media selection and more. As a result, drivers and passengers will experience heightened awareness, even during busy commutes, while staying connected to their news, podcasts, phone calls and more.

Hyper Productivity Bundle

To deliver an experience centered on personalization and productivity, HARMAN has bundled cloud technologies – backed by a customizable partner ecosystem, core services and rich audio capabilities into a solution that helps consumers stay seamlessly connected to their digital lifestyles. The HARMAN Ignite Marketplace, a network of apps and services, inspires virtually endless personalization and in-vehicle productivity. From enabling media like music and podcasts through leading content providers, to integrating business directory services and crowd-source review platforms, drivers and passengers have greater freedom to personalize a connected driving experience that meets their specific productivity needs. The HARMAN Ignite Marketplace also integrates with a variety of navigation and voice solutions, including region-specific providers, allowing OEMs to deliver hands-free services through virtual assistants - enabling safe, always-on access to third-party content globally. In addition, HARMAN will continue to expand the HARMAN Ignite Marketplace through the integration of new solutions from Salesforce, which will deliver customer relationship management (CRM) functionality across marketing, sales, commerce and service.

Multi-Modal Experience Bundle

With more ways to roam than ever before – from rideshares, rentals or simply borrowing a car –HARMAN’s Multi-Modal Experience Bundle demonstrates the future hyper-connected transportation. As our mobile phones continue becoming the center of our connected lives, ensuring digital lifestyles can be seamlessly transferred to the vehicle is increasingly critical to the automotive experience. HARMAN’s Multi-Modal Experience Bundle will leverage Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to enable easy vehicle access and connectivity - but also significant personalization. For example, as a passenger or driver approaches a vehicle, a UWB token will initiate and triangulate their location via 5G cellular connectivity, unlocking the doors and initiating personal preferences. The token can then transmit to the HARMAN Ignite cloud where the individual’s unique profile is unlocked - enabling connection to personal contacts, services, media content and location-based services. As a result, the driver will enjoy instant access to personalized features and vehicle functionality, while equipping OEMs with the ability deliver hyper-tailored and regular fresh content to their customers.

EV Plus+ Solution Bundle

Designed specifically for the fast-growing electric vehicle segment, EV Plus+ Solutions overcomes challenges unique to EVs and offer consumers a no-compromise level of entertainment, communication and comfort, flexibly and sustainably, without impacting range performance. Thanks to HARMAN’s revolutionary acoustic engineering and Ecotect system design, superior performance is achieved with reduced weight, complexity and power consumption when compared to a traditional system. What’s more, personalized in-vehicle audio, entertainment and communication features are instantly accessible and upgradable at the touch of a button via the new Audio Marketplace, powered by HARMAN Ignite. This unique, open-ended OTA offering enables a new level of personalization and flexibility for the in-car experience throughout the life of the vehicle.

Connecting the Unconnected Bundle

Virtually any car on the road today has the potential to become a safe, connected vehicle. In the Connecting the Unconnected Bundle demonstration, HARMAN will showcase a suite of solutions that work together to quickly and easily equip vehicles currently on the road with the latest in connected car functionalities. This includes SmartAuto connectivity, an OBD device that delivers upgrades like WiFi, driver and vehicle analytics, remote operation and access to applications and services. Similarly, the SmartAuto Dash Cam equips vehicles with forward collision warning and incident management – while the SmartAuto Headunit offers a large display and modernized user interface. Lastly, to maintain pace with evolving mobile technology, the Connecting the Unconnected Bundle will also showcase SmartAuto Wireless Charging - which features a sleek design and a smart way to keep devices charged while on-the-go.

Starting today, OEMs can leverage the HARMAN ExP Integrated Solution Suite to develop and deploy customized technology solutions as bundles that work seamlessly together to enable cohesive consumer experiences. By implementing automotive technologies as complete solutions, instead of one-off features, HARMAN has taken the guesswork out of creating connected vehicles - and made it easier for OEMs to meet consumer needs while personalizing experiences to drive added value and brand affinity.

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HARMAN at CES 2020

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